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New Features in Encoders

Encoders in Livebox have 3 more additional features: 1. Channel Logo 2. Channel Scrolling Text

Channel Logo: 

To add the channel logo to the streaming video follow the steps below:

  • In the “Encoder Settings” section, select the required preset.
  • Enable the “Channel Logo” option.
  • Click on the Upload icon to upload the channel logo from your local file.
  • The Channel Logo Settings popup box appears.
  • In the File Upload option, click on the Choose File button. You can choose the logo from your local and click on the Upload button.
  • Choose the appropriate position of the logo in the Logo Position and click on the Save button.

Note:  You should follow the given image pixel, for the logo to appear on your streaming video.

Channel Scrolling Text

To add the scrolling text under your video follow the steps below:

  • Under the “Encoder Setting” sections, enable the Channel Scrolling Text option.
  • Click on the  Upload option to enter your scrolling text. The Scrolling Text Content popup box appears.
  • In the popup box enter the scrolling text and select the text colour, text font size, text font style, and background colour from the dropdown boxes and click on the Update button.

You will receive the Update! Message alert and scrolling text are successfully added to the streaming video.

Both the Channel Logo and Ticker are added to the streaming video.