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Bulk Channel Settings

How to Perform Bulk Channel Settings? Manage server channels in mass! You can activate settings for multiple channels all at once. To do bulk actions for channels, Go to “Manage Channels.” Then go to the Bulk Channel Settings section. Select all or whatever channels you want.  By selecting channels, you can perform settings, delete or […]

Pull Live Sources

How to Pull Live Source from RTMP, HLS, MP4, M3U8? Pull sources from RTMP, M3U8, RTSP, and UDP to the Livebox streaming channel and send (push live) it across your multiple streaming destinations. Go to “Edit Channel.” Select you streaming channel and click the edit button.  You can add RTMP, M3U8, RTSP, UDP URLs to […]

Livebox Player Settings

Pick your own player type according to your preference! Clappr Livebox Video Player Both Clappr and Livebox Video Player have unique features that intensify the server players’ performance. The settings package that involves with Livebox video player is listed below: Go to ‘”Channel Settings”‘ from the navigation menu. Then go to the “Player Settings.” Select […]

File Streaming

How to Live Stream Files? Thinking of streaming your captured/recorded videos or any of your archives? Then the File Streaming feature in Livebox would be the apt one for your current streaming choice. To Live Stream your Files, Go to ‘Channel Dashboard’ from the navigation menu. Then go into the File Streaming section. Select your […]

Low Latency Streaming

How to Enable Low Latency Streaming Option? Latency means delay, that is, the actual time lag that exists during the transmission of streaming content to the viewer’s screen. The latency range widely experienced commonly is between 30-60 seconds. Latency occurs due to various reasons, like, Poor encoding efficiency Wide audience spectrum Different geographical locations Local […]


How to Enable Pay-per-view Service for your Streaming Channel? Pay-per-view (PPV) option on Livebox allows monetizing your live streams whereas, it also renders your viewers to avail of a purchase option to stay tuned with all your streaming events. Complete setting up PPV service for your viewers by following the below steps. Go to ‘System […]

WebRTC Streaming

How to Integrate Camera Devices with Livebox Server for Real-Time Web Communication? The WebRTC feature included on Livebox accredits the prospect of real-time live streaming from anywhere without depending on encoders. Within three simple steps you can flip Live Streams through WebRTC, Connect you live capturing camera and microphone device to the Livebox server. Finish […]

Transcode Upload/Recorded Files

How to Transcode Uploaded/Recorded Video Files? The live recorded streaming video files can be easily transcoded at preferred bitrates by following the below simple steps. Go to Recording from the navigation menu. On the Recording page, go to Uploaded Files. Click the highlighted icon on the video file for which you wanted to carry out […]

Automatic MP4/FLV Source Transcoding

How to Automatically Transcode MP4 & FLV Sources? To transcode MP4 sources, Go to Recording under Manage Channels. Go to MP4 Recording section. Select your streaming channel for which you are going to enable MP4 recording.  Now under MP4 Recording, turn on the button. Then also turn on the Transcoding button.  You can select resolutions […]

Add New Domain Name

How to Add a New Domain Name? To add a new domain name to your server, Note:  Make sure that you have already purchased a domain from the domain name registrar such as,,, etc. Then go to HTTP Settings under Settings from the navigation menu.  In the HTTP Settings page, you can […]