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Player Logo

How to Add a Logo to the Livebox Player?  Livebox is now developed with a feature to add a logo to the video player. Adding a logo to your player is quite different from adding a logo to your channel. Here’s what you need to know about adding a logo to your player, Livebox provides […]

Channel Logo

How to Add a Logo to the Livebox Streaming Channel? Any business or service requires a brand recognition which can be achieved by having a unique Logo. It is the same in the case of your streaming where logo plays a vital role in giving recognition as well as the identity to your streams. The […]

Broadcasting on Website/Blog

How to Broadcast on Website/Blog Using the Livebox Streaming Server? Under Manage Channels, you can record, transcode and also MBR (Multi-Bitrate) streaming. Create your channel in Livebox. Stream a source to your channel using the RTMP URL of the same channel with the help of an encoder. Preview your live streaming on your Channel Dashboard. Now […]

Multi CDN Settings

How to Create Multi CDN Providers on Livebox? Create CDN providers from the Livebox MultiCDN settings to deliver smooth streaming content to various geographic locations. Through the CDN providers, you can deliver a vast amount of contents across the globe and offer a better experience to your end-users. The other advantage of using the Multi […]

Bulk File Upload

How to Upload Bulk Files on Livebox?   You can now upload bulk files in the Livebox streaming server using the Bulk File Upload option. By using the bulk file upload option, you can save your local files to the server and from the server you can live stream to your destinations effortlessly. With the uploaded […]

CCTV Streaming

How to Live Stream CCTV contents Using the Livebox Streaming Server? Things become possible with Livebox efficiently in any aspect. Criminals target buildings that lack proper monitoring. In that case, the very presence of CCTV cameras is enough to deter such potential criminals. Now, what if you could make all your CCTV Cameras live together […]


How to Conduct Transcoding Using Livebox? If you are streaming and you want to carry out the same streaming across your other channel, then you can take through your video to the other channel by using Transcoding. Transcoding also helps to achieve yourself in adjusting your stream with your viewer’s video quality. So, to start […]

FLV, MP4 and HLS Sources Recording

How to Record FLV, HLS and MP4 Sources on Livebox?  Livebox facilitates the recording of FLV, MP4 and HLS sources. Livebox recording allows recording of live streaming video files so that they can be watched later or utilized for the future streaming process. The undermentioned steps help you in recording your video in the Livebox […]

Create RTMP Channel

How to Create a Channel on the Livebox Streaming Server?  Livebox enables its users to create multiple channels, adjoining with password settings. It is therefore listed below with a few steps that let yourself in creating your first RTMP channel. Login to Livebox Dashboard. Go to Create channel from the navigation menu. A new page with channel […]

Convert Uncompressed Video Sources Using UDP Option in Queues

How to Convert MPEG-2 Sources into Compressed Streamable Formats?  If you have a source of MPEG-2 format, which is isn’t usually supported by the web, you can still alter the source format while streaming it live to your streaming destinations using the UDP option. Not just MPEG-2 format, it could be conversion of any format […]