How to Conduct Transcoding Using Livebox? If you are streaming and you want to carry out the same streaming across your other channel, then you can take through your video to the other channel by using Transcoding. Transcoding also helps to achieve yourself in adjusting your stream with your viewer’s video quality. So, to start […]

FLV, MP4 and HLS Sources Recording

How to Record FLV, HLS and MP4 Sources on Livebox?  Livebox facilitates the recording of FLV, MP4 and HLS sources. Livebox recording allows recording of live streaming video files so that they can be watched later or utilized for the future streaming process. The undermentioned steps help you in recording your video in the Livebox […]

Create RTMP Channel

How to Create a Channel on the Livebox Streaming Server?  Livebox enables its users to create multiple channels, adjoining with password settings. It is therefore listed below with a few steps that let yourself in creating your first RTMP channel. Login to Livebox Dashboard. Go to Create channel from the navigation menu. A new page with channel […]

Convert Uncompressed Video Sources Using UDP Option in Queues

How to Convert MPEG-2 Sources into Compressed Streamable Formats?  If you have a source of MPEG-2 format, which is isn’t usually supported by the web, you can still alter the source format while streaming it live to your streaming destinations using the UDP option. Not just MPEG-2 format, it could be conversion of any format […]

Livebox Branding Settings

How to Rebrand the Livebox Streaming Server? In the higher-end versions of Livebox, white labeling the server can be done on the Livebox Branding settings. On rebranding, the user can actually white-label the Livebox server name, access URL, logo, favicon overall on the Livebox server and the other information like contact details on all the […]

Set Date and Time Zone

How to Set Date and Time Zone on Livebox? To set the date and time zone, Go to System Settings under Settings from the navigation menu. On the System Settings page, go to Date & Time Settings section. Now you can click the drop-down menu to select your country and click the “Save” button. Once […]

Livebox Chat

How to Embed Livebox Live Chatting on Websites/Blogs?  In Livebox, live chatting between the event organizer, channel owner or the Livebox admin with viewers can be easily done with the following steps. Go to Channel Dashboard from the navigation menu. Inside the chatbox, you can enter your name. And then you can type your message […]

Enable Domain HTTPS Redirection

How to Enable HTTPS Redirection of Your Domain?     When your domain isn’t SSL encrypted, it is possible for intruders to access your server through HTTP redirection i.e, Not Secure mode. So to secure you domain, you can now enable the HTTPS redirection of your server domain based on your preference. So to force all […]

Multi-bitrate Streaming

How to Conduct Multi-Bitrate Streaming Using Livebox? There are primarily two different ways to do adaptive bitrate streaming. One method is called Transcoding and the other method is using Multi bitrate streaming aka MBR. Transcoding is recommended in most cases since it is hassle-free and the conversion to multiple bitrates happens at the server end […]

Speed Test

How to Conduct the Speed Test on Livebox? To check the performance speed of your live streaming server you can follow the simple steps given below: Go to the navigation menu and select System. A Speed Test page opens, where click Start on the screen to start the speed test.  On the speed test page, click […]