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Troubleshoot Mixer/Playout Connectivity Issues

How to when Troubleshoot Mixer/Playout Device does not appear on the Encoder Software?

While using the Livebox Encoder-come-Mixer and Playout software, when there happens a failure to detect the streaming playout device in the encoder video/audio device settings, it is because the software windows are opened the inappropriate way.

encoder software

You can easily solve the issue by following the below steps,

  • Close all the opened windows from the Livebox Encoder-cum-mixer and playout software.
  • Open the fresh Mixer/Player window.
  • After adding your source using the Playout device or mixing the sources through the Mixer device, you can go to the Livebox encoder to continue your encoder settings and start the successful live streaming.

Note:  While live streaming using the Livebox software, you have to first go to the Playout/Mixer window. And after adding the streaming source, click Play on the Playout (in the case of Mixer it is just enough to add the sources and mix them), only then the device will be detected in the Livebox encoder Video/Audio device settings.            

mixer and playout software

With these steps, you can easily troubleshoot the Encoder-cum-mixer and playout software issue.