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Edit Channel Logo

How to Edit the Livebox Channel Logo?

In Edit a Channel, you can add or change the logo of the existing server channel.

  • So to add or to change your server logo, go to Edit Channel under Manage Channels.
Edit Livebox channels
  • In “Edit Channels” select the channel to which you want to add or change the logo.
  • Then turn on the “Channel Logo” option.
  • A logo setting option opens, click on it to upload your channel logo image.
editing a channel logo
  • In “Channel logo settings,” click the “Select file” option to browse and add a logo from your local files.

Note:   The logo image should be in .png or .jpeg format, and have an approximate dimension of 200*100 pixels.

channel logo settings
  • After selecting your file, click the “Upload” option.
uploading a channel logo
  • After the logo is uploaded, position the logo and set the origin of your channel logo.
  • Then click the “Update” button.
logo upload for streaming channels

Note:  Based on the position you select, the X and Y-axis of your logo origin will appear. So, you can position the logo in the exact location you want by adjusting the X-origin and Y-origin.

uploading logo for Livebox streaming channels
Livebox tsreaming server channels
  • Now go back to the “Edit Channels”, where click on the “Save” button to save the newly-made channel logo changes.
set up Livebox streaming server channels
  • Give “Service Restart” to get the channel logo changes applied to your server.
service restart
  • Now to check the working of the added logo, stream a video source to your channel.
  • Then go to “Dashboard” and preview your stream to see your logo.

You have successfully added a logo to your live streaming channel.