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Instacast Touchscreen Settings

How to Calibrate the Touchscreen on the Instacast Encoder Device?

If you have any issues with your Instacast device touchscreen, you can calibrate the touchscreen by following the below steps.

  • Turn on the Instacast device.
  • Connect the device and your PC using the HDMI cable. ( Also make sure to use the HDMI monitor)
  • Get the device IP address from your HDM1 monitor.
  • Now go to any browser of your preference and log in to the device system interface using the IP address.

Note:  To access the device interface on your browser, enter the IP address followed by the port :3978.

  • And on the Instacast encoder system interface, click the gear icon.
Instacast settings
  • On the “Set Touchscreen” option, click the drop-down menu to select your device touchscreen type.
Touchscreen settings on Instacast encoder
  • Then click the “Set” button.
setting touchscreen settings on Instacast converter
  • Followed by, a reboot confirmation appears. And you can click “Yes”.
set touchscreen on Instacast converter

Your device touchscreen is enabled. But still, there is a need to set the resolution of the device touchscreen, as the resolution changes while setting the touchscreen type.

  • So now, go back to the settings and set the resolution as 1920×1080 on the Set Resolution option.
  • Then again confirm to reboot the server.
Instacast converter device

Once you’ve completed the steps, your device touch controls will be enabled and you can start encoding your streaming source.