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Troubleshoot Mixer/Playout Connectivity Issues

How to when Troubleshoot Mixer/Playout Device does not appear on the Encoder Software? While using the Livebox Encoder-come-Mixer and Playout software, when there happens a failure to detect the streaming playout device in the encoder video/audio device settings, it is because the software windows are opened the inappropriate way. You can easily solve the issue […]

Configure Livebox to Use GPU

How to Configure Livebox to Use the GPU for Live Encoding and Transcoding? While using a graphics processor fixed to your server to minimize the CPU load, you have got preset settings involved before converting or transcoding videos through the queue feature. In this article, we will focus on how to change the settings within […]

Create Stream Group ID

How to Create a Stream Group ID? To create a stream group ID, Go to MultiCDN under Settings from the navigation menu. In Multi CDN settings, click on the plus icon to add your Streaming CDN groups. Note:  You can create a streaming CDN group with the streaming URLs of your Livebox server channel or […]

Edit Channel Logo

How to Edit the Livebox Channel Logo? In Edit a Channel, you can add or change the logo of the existing server channel. So to add or to change your server logo, go to Edit Channel under Manage Channels. In “Edit Channels” select the channel to which you want to add or change the logo. […]

Instacast Touchscreen Settings

How to Calibrate the Touchscreen on the Instacast Encoder Device? If you have any issues with your Instacast device touchscreen, you can calibrate the touchscreen by following the below steps. Turn on the Instacast device. Connect the device and your PC using the HDMI cable. ( Also make sure to use the HDMI monitor) Get […]

360-degree Video Live Streaming

How to Live Stream a 360-degree Source using Livebox? The Livebox streaming server supports the live streaming of the 360-degree camera and its source. So, to live stream a 360-degree source it in Livebox you can’t do in the regular streaming way, as you have to enable a few settings in the player settings. To […]

Turn ON/OFF Channels for Streaming

How to Enbale/Disable Server Channels for Live Streaming? If you ever wanted to prevent access to any of your streaming channels when they are not in use, instead of deleting the channel, you can also disable/enable the streaming activity of your channel with the newly developed settings in Livebox. So, to Enable/Disable server channels, Go […]

Fix Encoder Disconnection Issues

How to Fix Issues when your Encoder is Unable to Connect to your Server?  To rectify your server connections problem, Make sure your Livebox server is running. Try clicking on “Service Restart” within the Livebox server. Reboot the server if it is an option. Make sure that the “Idle Streams” setting is turned “OFF”. To […]

Go Live on WordPress Websites

How to Publish the Livebox live streaming contents on WordPress websites?    While live streaming on the server channel, the same live streaming content can be published on websites/blogs with the Livebox streaming server. To publish the live streaming content on your WordPress website/blogs, first, you need to stream a source to your server channel. […]

Fix Livebox Connection Failover Issues

How to Start the Livebox Server when Connection Failover Occur? There are two types of Livebox connection issues. Server Connection Failover Streaming Server Connection Failover Case 1 Server Connection Failover There are times the Livebox server might fail to get connected while trying to log in through the browser. And one of the few reasons […]