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Cloud Playout App

How to Automate a Playlist using the Cloud Playout App?

The newest Cloud Playout app is available on Livebox App Store!

A full-blown platform to automate live playlists on any streaming destination real-quick. 

  • Install Cloud Playout App from the Livebox App Store.
playout app
cloud playout app
  • You can add video sources using the given three options. 
  1. YouTube– Add YouTube video links, YouTube Playlist links, and YouTube Channel links.
  2. Live– Add RTMP URLs.
  3. Webpage– Add webpage links. (Example., Chrome, Facebook, and others.) 
automate live playlist

(Given below an illustration to add YouTube links.)

youtube files
  • After adding video sources, you can also set the date and time to go live. 
  • Then click the ‘Settings’ button to proceed with other live streaming settings.
playlist settings
  • Enter a name for your playlist.
  • Enter the URL of your streaming destination.
  • Select a preset as per your bandwidth. 
  • Change Buffer Size, and Resolution if required. Otherwise, go with the default value. 
  • You can blacklist any video link if you don’t want them to get added to your playlist. 
  • Then after setting a logo for your playlist, you can click the ‘Set’ button.
  • When you haven’t set any date and time, you can click the ‘Start’ button to go live instantly.

The playlist will be successfully running on your streaming destination.