Online Word Processor

   The Document App installed from Livebox is a collaborative word processor where multiple users can join the documentation to make a combined proposal. The bonus factor of using this online word processor is, you can centrally store all the created documents in one place. Every time you create/open a document, a unique URL generated, so that you can access the same document again whenever it is required.
So, next time when you plan a proposal/project related to your business/company, you can store all the documents in one place for there is no need to save using multiple shared folders or folders within the multiple systems.
document app from Livebox
You can now install the Document app within the Livebox server app store and start the real-time interactive documentation with your peers.
    • Using this Document app, you don’t necessarily have to log in with your credentials. It is just enough to get into the app’s usage by giving the document/proposal/project/article name.Etherpad facility in Livebox

    • The Document app in Livebox app store works similar to the Word document additional with multi-user specifications.
    • You can share the document link with your friends, colleagues, partners to plan the project/business proposals.
Now let’s see how the document app works,
  • On the right corner of the document window, you can give your user/chat name. If any of your peers join the documentation, then they too will be listed in the user list.naming the users in etherpad

  • You can also adjust your texting color. The color you give to your texts is important as the texts by different users are represented in different colors.color adjust in etherpad

  • Before the documentation, you have to go through a few settings. So, click on the gear icon from the top right corner, where you can manage settings including texts font style.settings in etherpad

  • To start documenting along with your peers, you can click the highlighted icon from the top right corner to copy the link and send it your friends/colleagues/partners. This link is also used to navigate back to the same document whenever it is required.
Note: Make a note of this link to access the created document whenever it is required.
generated link in etherpad document

  • You can also share the made document on your websites/blogs by using the given Embed URL.embed code to share on blogs

  • And when any of your peers join the document using the given link through their browsers, they will be listed in the user list.users on etherpad

  • Now you can start documenting with your peers. The content contributions will be in colors representing the users and their ideas distinctively.documenting on etherpad

  • There is also an option to export or import documents by clicking the highlighted icon from the top right corner.export and import

So, with the document app, you can collaboratively plan your conference proposals, business projects with your peers in real-time.