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Cloud Playout App

How to Automate a Playlist using the Cloud Playout App? The newest Cloud Playout app is available on Livebox App Store! A full-blown platform to automate live playlists on any streaming destination real-quick.  Install Cloud Playout App from the Livebox App Store. You can add video sources using the given three options.  YouTube– Add YouTube […]

Create Video Conference Mobile App

How to Create a Video Conference App on Livebox? To create a video conference mobile app, Go to the Livebox App Store. Install the APK Builder app. Click the “Create an App” button under the Livebox Video Conference specification. Give a name for your app, then enter the display name and app description. Then browse […]

Create IPTV Mobile App using the APK Builder

How to Create an IPTV Mobile App for the Livebox TV Station Set-up? With the APK Builder provided by Livebox, you can create mobile apps for your IPTV set-up and even for the viewers to view all the live streams you can create a single-page app to stay updated with your live streams right from […]

Single Page App for Live Streaming

How to Create a Single Page App for the 24/7 Live Streaming Purpose? Creating a mobile app for your live streams is the simple and same as creating an IPTV mobile app. To create a single-page app for your live streaming, You have to create a stream group for your streaming channel in MultiCDN settings. […]

Simple Conferencing

How to Start Video Conferencing Using the Simple Conference App on Livebox?  The simple conference is a video conferencing tool installed from Livebox which is effective for video calls among your closest circle as well as your business circle. This simple conferencing tool is just like any other video conferencing app or software with the […]

Web-based Spreadsheet

How to Install and Use the Web-based Spreadsheet App from Livebox?  In the Livebox app store, you can install the Spreadsheet App that stores your data on the web. With this web-based spreadsheet, you can conduct business presentations and surveys in graphs and charts. As this is a web-based spreadsheet, there will be a unique […]

Online Word Processor

How to Install and Use the Online Word Processor App on Livebox?  The Document App installed from Livebox is a collaborative word processor where multiple users can join the documentation to make a combined proposal. The bonus factor of using this online word processor is, that you can centrally store all the created documents in […]

Livebox App Store

How to Install Apps from the Livebox App Store? The Livebox has now integrated the App Store to browse and install the corporate business applications within the server. So, it is now possible to download and install the apps that will essentially enhance the live streaming scope through the Livebox streaming server. To go to […]