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RTMP to UDP Streaming

How to Convert RTMP Sources to UDP for Live Streaming?

The Instacast Encoder supports converting the video streaming sources in HTTP and RTMP protocols to UDP streams for broadcast.

To start the conversion of streaming video sources on the Livebox Encoder device,

  • Log in to your Encoder device interface on the browser.
  • Connect to your Internet network through Wi-Fi or LAN option.
  • Then select the preset as RTMP-UDP under Encoder Settings. 
livebox encoder interface
encoding presets
  • After setting the preset, enter the source RTMP URL. 
  • Then click the “Start” button.
start live streaming on encoder

The live streaming will begin within a few seconds. And your live streaming status will be shown at the bottom. 

live streaming on encoder

Now to convert and push the live streaming to the UDP destination,

  • Click the drop-down arrow. 
add live streaming destination on encoder device
  • Now click the thunderbolt icon. 
Livebox encoder device
  • Then go into the UDP URL section. 
  • And enter the UDP URL. 

Note: It is a must to enter the given packet size value at the end (?pkt-size=1316) every time you enter a UDP URL. 

convert RTMP to UDP

Then click the submit button and the UDP destination gets added. 

Note: If you have turned on the option Automatically TURN ON when adding the UDP URL, the live stream will automatically be pushed once your UDP destination is added. 

  • If you have not turned on the Automatically TURN ON option, then you have to manually turn it on to push the stream.   
Encoder destination added
Encoder destination added

Now to check the broadcast on your UDP destination,

  • Open your VLC media player and click the “Media” menu.
vlc media player
  • Under Media, go to “Open Network Stream.”
vlc media player
  • Then enter your “UDP URL” and click the “Play” button ( add “@” before your UDP URL).
  • And you can know that your RTMP streaming video is successfully converted as UDP streams when the video plays on the VLC media player.
vlc media player view

The RTMP to UDP live streaming is successful.