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Speed Test

How to conduct Speed Test on the Livebox Instacast Encoder Device? 

To check the performance of the Livebox Instacast (Portable Hardware Encoder),

Note:  To access the Encoder settings page from your browser, you can use the IP visible on your Encoderdevice along with the port URL (:3978) provided by the IVB7 team. E.g.,

Testing the Speed Test on the device SYSTEM INTERFACE

  • Login to the Encoder Settings page.
  • Go to the Speed Test column.
  • Click the “Go” button to start the Speed test.

Testing the Speed Test on the DEVICE TOUCHSCREEN

  • Go to the Speed Test menu and click Go. 
sdspeedtest on hardware Encoder
speed test on Livebox SD Encoder

The Download and Upload speed of the Encoder device will be shown within a few seconds.