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Multi-Bitrate Role

How to add Multi-Bitrate Role for a User?

Multi-bitrate streaming is now added to the Client Portal Access.

To create a Multi-bitrate role,

  • Go to User & Roles under “System” from the navigation menu.
users & roles
  • Go to the “Add Role” section and click the “Create Role” button.
video conferencing app user
  • On the dialog box “Add Role,” enter a role name.
  • Then select the Client Portal Access role.
  • Under “Settings,” select the Multi-bitrate option.
  • Then save the settings.
multi-bitrate role

You have successfully added a multi-bitrate role.  Go ahead by adding users to this role.

  • Then go to the “Add User” section.
  • Click the “Create User” button. 
  • On the “Add User” dialog box, enter the username, password, and mail ID.
  • Then select the role you have created.
  • Enter the channel limit, i.e., the number of channels you allow your user to create for the streaming purpose.
create user for multi-bitrate role

Pass the client portal link and the credentials to your user.

So when the user logins, they get a separate Multi-bitrate section, where they can carry out multi-bitrate streaming. 

multi-bitrate client portal
turn on multi-bitrate on client portal
multi-bitrate streaming on client portal