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Instacast Encoder Device

How to Live Stream using the Instacast Encoder Device?

Portable Hardware Streaming Encoder!

Performing live streaming is made easy with this one simple encoder device.

The Livebox Instacast encoder device streams even in low-internet connectivity.

All you have to do is, fix the device to your camera and go live instantly. If not a camera, then just with a USB device, you can do all your live streaming.

To get the Livebox subscription, go to, 

  • Turn on the Livebox Instacast device.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi/LAN.
  • Then connect the camera device/USB device to the Instacast encoder device.
  • Now access the encoder settings on the browser using the LAN/Wi-Fi IP from the device along with port :3978
  • Select a preset and then go live by clicking the “Start” button.
  • Push live streams to streaming destinations using the “Push Destination” option.

And here’s your video help!