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Channel Analytics

You can check your stream’s performance on different metrics based on monthly, weekly, hourly data. Under “System” go to the “Viewers Report.” Then go to the Channel Analytics section. Select the channel to which you want to acquire the analytics report. You also select the dates of the required period.  And the results will be […]

Service Auto Restart

The Auto Restart setting in Livebox when enabled keeps an eye over all the server’s services to prevent malfunctioning. Go to ‘Service Monitor’ from the navigation menu. Click on the Auto Restart button. Select whichever service you want to be auto restarted frequently. Then set the time interval, and click the ‘Update’ button.  Your server […]


How to Enable the Digital Video Recorder Setting? Turning on the DVR setting in Livebox enables the playback of the live streaming footage in real-time. So to turn on DVR, Go to ‘Channel Settings’ from the navigation menu. Then go to ‘Player Settings’. Select a channel to which you want to enable DVR. Scroll down […]

Adjust Streaming Video Aspect Ratio

How to Increase the Streaming Video’s Aspect Ratio?  When Live Streaming on Livebox, if the streaming video doesn’t fit well on the player, the streaming video’s aspect ratio can be increased by turning on one single button. Go to ‘Channel Settings’. Then go to ‘Player Settings’. Select the streaming channel to which you want to […]

Livebox Player Customization

How to Customize the Livebox Channel Player? To customize the Livebox player, Go to Channel Settings from the navigation menu. In Channel Settings, go to the Player Settings. Select the streaming channel to which you have to do the player customization. On the right side of the Player Settings, you can adjust the color of […]

Playout & Mixer Software Download

How to Download the Livebox Playout and Video Mixer Software?    Livebox is the only live streaming server that comes with in-built Playout Software and Video Mixer which can be downloaded cost-free. To download Playout Software, Encoder and Video Mixer, Go to Account Settings and click Download. Download option for both Android and Studio shows up. […]

Streaming URL and Embed Code

How to get the Streaming URL and Embed Code from Livebox to Broadcast on Web page/Blog?      The streaming RTMP URL link plays an important role throughout your live streaming process, on the other hand, an embed code is for broadcasting on your website/blog. Both the RTMP URL and embed code are generated by Livebox […]

Backup and Restore

How to Backup and Restore Files in Livebox? To backup and restore your data, Go to Settings from the navigation menu and click the HTTP Settings option.  Now go to Backup and Restore page and enter the date to which you need the backup. And then click the Backup button. It takes some time to back up your […]

Recorded Files

How to Find the Recorded Files on the Livebox Streaming Server? Livebox keeps all your recorded files safe. To search your recorded files, Under Manage Channels, you can record, transcode and also MBR (Multi-Bitrate) streaming. In recordings, go to Recorded Files and click “Show recorded files for all channels”, where you can search your recorded files […]

Factory Reset

How to Reset the Factory for the Services on the Livebox Streaming Server? To reset factory for all services, Go to System from the navigation menu and click Service Monitor. A Service Monitor page opens, where you can see the status of all your services and you can Stop, Start or Restart any service you […]