Video Conferencing Authentication Settings

While creating a video conference chatroom, you have the option to enable app authentication for the login purpose.

There are four different ways to enable login authentication for you app users,

  • Allow Signup
  • Allow Unauthenticated User
  • Username and Password
  • Pin Number
Authentication settings

After enabling any of these options, you have to provide the conference URL link to your users so that they Sign up/Login to use the app.

Video conferencing app in Livebox


If you enable the Allow Signup option, then the user themselves can sign up to use the video conferencing app through the provided URL link.

allow sign up authentication
  • After selecting the Allow Sign Up option, you have to set the Preset i.e, the options inside the video conferencing app. (The options that you enable/disable for your users.)
set preset for the video conferencing
  • On enabling the Allow signup option, the user will get the sign Up option on the login interface.
signup user settings
  • The user has to register by giving their proper details.
video conferencing sign up
Livebox video conferencing app
  • And when every user sign up, their names will be added on your conference user list.
user options in Livebox video conferencing app


This option enables users to use the app even as a guest.

unauthorized user for the video conferencing app
  • After selecting the Allow Unauthenticated User option, you have to set the Preset.
set preset for the video conferencing
  • If you enable this option, then there will be Login as Guest option on the login interface.
Login as guest option for the video conferencing app
  • The user can get to use the app just by providing their name.
unauthorized user login


  • On enabling this option, you have to manually create your user.
 username and password settings in video conferencing app
  • After creating your user, you can provide the credentials to your user so that they can login to use the app.
login portal for the video conferencing app


On enabling this option, the user can login the app using the provided Pin Number.

login using pin number

Note: You’ll get the Pin Number while creating your user.

login portal for the video conferencing app

It is required for the admin to create their own user credentials. So, if you’re the admin, you can go further by creating your user details.