Add Users for Video Conference

How to Add Users for Video Conferencing App?

To create users for the conference you have created,

  • Click the user icon.
video conferencing users
  • Then click the “Add User” button.
create users
  • Now you can enter the required details to create your user.
adding video conferencing users
  • To login and to use the app, even the admin has to create their own credentials.
  • Then finally, you can set the “Preset” and click the “Create User” button.


Moderator- You can enable the Moderator option, if you don’t want the admin role to be passed on to the one who first log in the app i.e, the admin role shifts to the one who initiates/log in the conference.

Concurrent Sessions- You can also set the number of concurrent tabs that the user can open to use the app.

video conferencing user
  • And the user will be created.
adding users

And you can go further by creating your other users.