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Create Livebox TV Channel

How to create a channel in the Livebox TV?  Before you create a channel on your Livebox TV, you have to create categories to keep your channels organized. To create your categories, Login to your Livebox TV. Go to “Categories” from the navigation menu. A page with the category specifications opens, under which go to […]

User Device Activation

How to Activate a User Device?   Device activation is for Livebox TV mobile app. The user registers to your service by installing the mobile app when the authentication is enabled. So with the registered information, you can activate your user’s device to get access to your service. Note:  The admin can also manually create a […]

Create Livebox TV User

How to Create a User on the Livebox TV?   A User in the Livebox TV can be created in either way- the user itself can register through the Livebox TV signup portal or the admin can also manually create a user by giving the user’s credentials. To manually create your user, Go to “Users” from […]

Package Plan and Subscription

How to Manage Package plan and Subscription in the Livebox TV?   In Livebox TV it is possible to create a number of package plans in a few steps. Once a package plan is created you can subscribe ito the number of users to get your channel service. So, to create a package plan for your […]

Livebox TV Login

Livebox TV Quick Start To log in to your Livebox TV, Go to Livebox TV from the Livebox navigation menu. A login portal page to your Livebox TV opens.  Enter your username and password. You are now logged in to your Livebox TV. Take a look around your dashboard. You can create your categories, channels, […]

Livebox TV Mobile App

How to Get Started with the Livebox TV Mobile App?   The Livebox TV is available to the user on both websites and in the mobile app. In today’s scenario, most of the world’s population uses mobile phones, so the presence of a mobile app for your channel can make you connect with your viewers 24/7. […]

Livebox TV Settings

To make changes to your Livebox TV Settings, Go to “Settings” from the navigation menu. In “Settings” enable the following buttons based upon your needs. To distribute your content to your website, turn on “Enable Website”, you can also get the link to your website below this option. If you want to keep the website […]