Livebox analytics provides a systematic analysis of your server data or statistics.

With the Livebox analytics, you can get to know,

  • The number of admin access to your server.
  • IP addresses that have accessed your server.
  • Browsers that have been used to access your server.
  • Access location of your server.
  • Date and time the server is accessed.
  • The number of hits requests to the server for files like image, HTML page, JavaScript or CSS.

Note: To check other details like current views of your streams, you have to go Viewers Count page. Even to check the bandwidth usage and RTMP stats, you have to go to their respective pages in Viewers Report and not in Analytics.

To check the analytics of your server, follow the below steps,

  • Go to HTTP Settings under Settings.
  • In HTTP Settings, Turn On Access log and Error log.
  • After turning on both access log and error log, click the icon highlighted in the below illustration.
  • Then give Service Restart to get the changes applied to your server.
  • Then go to Viewers Report under System.
  • In Viewers Report page, go to Analytics.
  • Here click on the Open Analytics Report to see your server analytics.

You can get the details about the server access and other in-depth details of server hits, location, IP address, browsers, date, and time with this Livebox analytics report.

Livebox Player Customization

To change the theme color of the player button and the control bar,

  • Go to Channel Settings from the navigation menu.
channel settings in Livebox
  • In Channel Settings, go to the Player Settings.
player setting
  • Select the streaming channel to which you have to do the player customization.
streaming channel
  • On the right side of the Player Settings, you can adjust the color of the control bar and the player button.
control bar color change in Livebox
player button color change
  • Then after adjusting the color theme, you can preview your color changes.
preview the color changes in Livebox
  • And if you want to save the previewed color changes, then click on the Save.
save the color changes

Likewise, you can also change the player Warning Message.

  • After changing the warning messages, you can click the Save button.
  • Then preview the changes you have made in your channel player.

The next time while previewing your live streams on the Livebox dashboard or even on your websites, you can see the updated color theme and the warning message on the player.

Playout and Video Mixer Download

   Livebox is the only live streaming server that comes with in-built Playout Software and Video Mixer which can be downloaded cost-free. To download Playout Software, Encoder and Video Mixer,

  • Go to Account Settings and click Download.
Playput-Encoder-Mixer software
  • Download option for both Android and Studio show up.
  • If you are an Android user you can download by clicking Android App, otherwise, click Studio to download Playout, Encoder, and Video Mixer software.
  • A new page in Livebox with options to download playout and video mixer opens. You can click Download Playout and Video Mixer to get started with the other facet of Livebox.
  • Then click Generate Pin to get your unique pin code to license your authorization to playout and mixer software.

Note: The generated pin is restricted to be used by one PC. But you can always generate one to a few pins to download and use the software from different PCs.

download playout-encoder-mixer software
  • Once you click Generate Pin, the options to generate your pin appears, where you can give your pin name and then click the generate icon to get your pin.
pin name
generate pin
  • Your pin is generated.
  • You can even edit your generated pin as you wish by clicking the edit icon.
generate pin
  • After editing your pin, click the tick icon to save your changes.
generate pin
  • The red dot on the pin name suggests that the pin is not in action.
generate pin
  • The green dot on the pin name suggests that the pin is active, and also it shows the name of the hardware that uses the pin.
generate pin
  • Now go to your system downloads and complete the installation process of your playout, Encoder and mixer software. The installed file will appear on your desktop as,
in-built mixer and playout software
  • Click the Mixer and Playout file in your desktop, a new dialog box Encoder-Mixer-Playout opens.
free playout and mixer software
  • In Encoder-Mixer-Playout, you can enter your server name and give the pin generated by Livebox, and then give Submit.
get started with livebox free layout and mixer software
  • You have successfully installed the Encoder-Mixer-Playout software.
livebox playout and mixer software window

You can now get started with your Livebox Encoder-Mixer-Playout software.

Finding the Recorded Files

Livebox keeps all your recorded files safe. To search your recorded files,

  • Go to Manage Channels from the navigation menu, under manage channels click Recordings.  
  • In recordings, go to Recorded Files and click Show recorded files for all channels, where you can search your recorded files by typing your file name in search bar.
recorded files

Factory Reset/Service Monitor

To reset factory for all services,

  • Go to System from the navigation menu and click Service Monitor.
service monitor
  • A Service Monitor page opens, where you can see the status of all your services and you can Stop, Start or Restart any service you want.

By following these steps you can factory reset the following services inside the Livebox streaming server,

  • Streaming server
  • Livebox Server
  • Livebox Group Server
  • Livebox TV
  • Speed Test
  • Receiver Monitor
  • Player Server
  • Chat Server
  • Mixer Player API
  • Viewers Chat
  • Live Stats
  • Queue Server
  • Queue Database
  • User and Role Management System
  • Apps Controller Service
  • Apps Service Monitoring
  • Websites
  • Database ServerBandwidth Usage
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Analytics
  • If you want to reset all the services, then click on the Reset Factory For All Services button.
  • And if you want clear your cache files you can click the Clear Cache button.


To reboot your server,

  • Click Account Settings from the top right corner.
account settings
  • A drop-down menu opens and, click Reboot. Your server will be booted up again.

Note: Only if there is an issue in your server, then rebooting should be used to clear those defects.

Bandwidth Usage

To check your server’s bandwidth usage,

  • Go to System from the navigation menu and click the Viewers Report option.
  • Go to the Bandwidth Usage window, where you can get your bandwidth report on the hour, day, week and on the monthly basis.

General bandwidth usage of the server:

general bandwidth usage

general bandwidth usage in livebox

Hour wise bandwidth usage:

hour wisw bandwidth usage
hour wise bandwidth usage in livebox

Weekly wise bandwidth usage:

weekly wise bandwidth usage
weekly wise bandwidth usage in livebox

You can get both day and weekly bandwidth usage report under Week category.

Monthly wise bandwidth usage:

monthly wise bandwidth usage
monthly wise bandwidth usage in livebox

By following these ssteps you can check your bandwidth usage on hourly, weekly and monthly basis.

Backup and Restore

To backup and restore your data,

  • Go to Settings from the navigation menu and click the HTTP Settings option. test
backup settings
  • Now go to Backup and Restore page and enter your backup file name in Backup Filename and click the backup icon to backup your files.  
backup files
  • Click the drop-down menu near Backup Files and select your file (your backup will be restored within a few minutes). If you want to download your files then click the download icon and save your file to your local disc.
restore backup files
  • If you want to upload your backup file or change the file, then click Select file Change to select the downloaded file from your local disc and then give Upload.
upload backup files

By uploading the backup file you can restore your files by following these steps.

A Stream Key

A stream key is one of the essential components of your streaming process. In Livebox streaming server, the streaming RTMP URL is auto-generated, and from the streaming URL, you can easily obtain your stream key.

To get the streaming URL,

  • Log in to your Livebox server and create your channel.
  • Under Manage Channels, go to the Channel Dashboard from the navigation menu.
channel dashboard
  • In Channel Dashboard, select your channel.
  • And then if you click on the Streaming URL, you can get the RTMP streaming URL of your server channel.
  • From the streaming URL, you can obtain the stream key.
streaming URL
rtmp URL
  • There is also the Streaming URL and Stream Key given specifically on the top of the URLs box.
Streaming URLs
  • So after coying the Stream Key paste it in your encoder Stream Settings and give Start to go live streaming.

By following these steps you can get the stream key of your channel.