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HTML Website

How to Create HTML Websites on Livebox?

Customize HTML websites like any other CMS at ease! You can change the template design however you like and host a website that represents your brand without the support of a developer.

To create an HTML website,

  • Go to Websites from the navigation menu.
create website on Livebox
  • Click the Create button.
create website on Livebox
  • Enter a name for your site.
  • Then select your site type as HTML site and click the “Create” button.
create free html websites
  • Your site gets created immediately. Wait for a few minutes to start using your website.
  • Click the redirection button provided to get into your website.
create websites with Livebox

HTML Site Template

html website on Livebox

To edit in HTML editor,

  • Go to File Manager.
livebox website
  • Right-click the index.html folder.
html editor
  • And click the “Edit” button to make your changes.
html editor
  • After making changes, right-click to “Save” your changes and then click the “Update” button.
change website design

Or if you want to edit the site as a template,

  • Click the edit button to design your site.
edit and design html websites
  • On the template, click to edit the text and drag and drop to upload images.
html website
  • You can also use the editing tools and options provided to design your website.
EDIT HTML websites on Livebox
  • You can view the responsive design for each view or also edit them respectively.
livebox website hosting
  • Finally, save your changes.
livebox website designing

Site Preview

  • Open your website in a new tab to view the changes.  
HTML websites hosting on Livebox