How to Setup a Radio Station on Livebox Live Radio?

On the Livebox Live Radio app, you can host your own radio station and go on air just like any other professional radio broadcaster.

So to create your radio station,

  • Install Live Radio app from the Livebox app store.
  • On the Live Radio dashboard, scroll down to the Station Overview.
  • Click the Add Station button.
Livebox Live Radio app
  • Fill the station profile details.
setting up radio station in Livebox
  • Then click on the Save Changes button.
Live Radio app in Livebox
  • Your radio station will be created and you can click the Manage button to proceed with your first broadcasting experience.
Live radio app in Livebox
  • Walkthrough your radio station profile.
Radio station set up in Livebox
Radio station set up in Livebox
  • You can also enable the Song Requests and Streamers/DJs option.
Radio station set up in Livebox

Now to add music files,

  • Go to Music Files from the navigation menu.
radio broadcasting service  Livebox
  • Click the Select File button and you’ll be provided the access to select your music files.
  • Select and add your music files.
radio broadcasting service  Livebox
  • And your music files will be added.

Now you have to create a Playlist out of the music files you have added.

  • So, select the songs that you want to add in your playlist.
radio station in Livebox
  • Then under the Set Playlists menu, give a name for your playlist and click Save.
  • And the playlist will be created and you’re all set to begin your first live radio broadcast.
  • Now you can start to proceed with your live radio broadcasting.
  • You can install BUTT Streaming software to help you with the radio broadcasting on your stations.

Now to grab the attention of listeners to your radio station,

  • You can provide Public Page link on your websites or even send it through Email.
Live radio app in Livebox for live broadcasting
  • This is how your listeners get in touch with your station broadcasts using the provided public page link.
go on air with the Livebox live radio app
  • In the case, if you want to publish your radio broadcasts on your website/blogs, you can use the Player Embed Code to embed your radio streams on all your web-based platforms.
go on air with the Livebox live radio app
  • When publishing on any of your WordPress websites, you can just go to the Add New Post page, select the Custom HTML block under the Formatting option and paste the copied Player Embed Code.
radio broadcasting done on websites ad blogs
  • Finally, publish your radio broadcast on your site so that your viewers can now enjoy your radio facet right away from your official blogs/website.
successful broadcasting using the Livebox live radio app

Have a successful Radio Streaming journey with Livebox!

How to Broadcast on Live Radio using the BUTT Streaming Software?

  • Install BUTT streaming software on your PC.

(BUTT is a multi-operating system client broadcaster. The software is compatible with Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.)

  • Now back on the Live Radio app, create your Station.
  • Create a Streamer DJ account on the Live Radio app.
  • Make sure that you have enabled your SHOUTcast/Icecast Port on the Settings.
  • Select the Station to which you are broadcasting and set the SHOUTcast/Icecast port.
  • Then Enable your port and Save the settings.

Note: To get your Port details, go to you Streamer DJ account.

  • Then go to Streamer/DJ Accounts from the navigation menu.
live radio app
  • And here you’ll be getting your Icecast/SHOUTCast V1 clinets details.
streamer DJ client details
  • Now go to the BUTT streaming software.
  • Click the Settings button.
  • A dialog box opens, where under under the Main menu, you’ll get the Server Settings.
  • To add your Server, click the ADD button.
BUTT streaming software settings
  • A dialog box Add Server opens, where you can fill your server details.
  • To get your server details, go to Streamer/DJ Accounts from the Live Radio’s navigation menu.
BUTT streaming software settings
  • On the Streamer/DJ Accounts, you can get your server details under Connection Information.
  • So back on your BUTT settings, enter your name, select your type and then give your server address and port.

(The below illustration is applicable only when you are using SHOUTcast client details)

broadcasting using BUTT streaming software

(The below illustration is applicable only when you are using Icecast client details)

radio broadcasting using Live Radio app
  • Now to get your password i.e, if you are the admin of this app, then you can go back to your station profile.
  • On your profile under Broadcasting Service, you can get your source password.
  • Back again on the BUTT settings, enter the password.
  • After entering your details, click the ADD button.
broadcasting using BUTT streaming software
  • Your server settings will be added.
  • Finally you click the Save button.

Once the information has been saved, a Connection established message will appear along with a configuration summary. You can now go on with your radio broadcasting by clicking on Play

broadcasting using BUTT streaming software
broadcasting using BUTT streaming software

Once you are connected, a timer will displayed. That’s it, you’re now broadcasting!