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HTML Website

How to Create HTML Websites on Livebox? Customize HTML websites like any other CMS at ease! You can change the template design however you like and host a website that represents your brand without the support of a developer. To create an HTML website, Go to Websites from the navigation menu. Click the Create button. […]

Build Websites

Websites Hosting Startup Guide Livebox has developed specifications for the pre-built secured WordPress, GRAV and Typesetter sites. So, it is now easy and simple to create high-quality sites for your business, events, organization, company and so on without any required programming or designing skills from the Livebox streaming server with no additional cost. So, to […]

Website Lite

How to Create Websites on the Livebox Lite Version and Get Started with the Live Streaming? In the Livebox lite version, the user can create the GRAV websites without much ado. The GRAV websites are usually file-based web platforms, where the site management is simple in terms of live streaming compared to the other web […]

Website Startup

How to Get Started with the Custom-made Livebox Websites? Once you create your website, it is only a few steps ahead to get started with your website. On a “Create a site” page click the redirection provided near your site name. You are now on your freshly created site page. Scroll down on your website […]

Website Password Settings

To change your website password settings, Go to “Create a site”, and click the “lock” button on the site for which you need password changes. A dialog box to change your password opens, and enter your password. After confirming your password, click on the “update” button. Note:  Note down the username and password after the […]

Website Settings

To configure your website, Go to the “Create site” page under Websites from the navigation menu. On the website you have created, click the “Settings” icon. A dialog box “Site Settings” opens, and you can click on “Refresh Configuration” located in the top left corner if there occurs any issue in your site loading. The default […]

Website Encryption

How to Encrypt a Website Created within the Livebox? After creating your website from Livebox, if your site shows to be Not Secure, then follow the given below steps to secure your website. Go to Websites from the navigation menu and click on Global web settings. A Global Web Settings page opens, under HTTP Settings select your site by […]