Advanced Settings

RTMP– The block which holds all RTMP settings. Server- Declares RTMP server instance. Listen- Adds a listening socket for accepting RTMP connections. Application- Creates an RTMP application. Unlike RTMP location, application name cannot be a pattern. Timeout (Socket timeout)- This value is primarily used for writing. Most of time RTMP module does not expect any […]

Explore Livebox

Start your streaming journey by creating a RTMP channel. With Livebox you Create a number of RTMP channels and set up your live streaming platform on own.  Be sure of what you are streaming. Preview your live streamingvideos before the world see. Record and save your videos for future broadcasting or even to watch later. Be popular! Reach Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube […]

Getting Started!

The wait is over! Within two clicks you can get started with your Livebox Streaming Server and witness the world’s user-friendly streaming server. Here you go! First and foremost thing you got to do after being an official owner of Livebox server is, take a look at the mail sent by our IVB7 team, and […]

An Overview

About Livebox, a streaming server beknown among its users for its flexibility. All of Livebox’s vivid features and apps give its users the best and easiest streaming experience. Livebox is the only streaming server that allows multi-channel live video streaming with transcoding, and it comes inclusive of all hardware required on the cloud. Livebox also […]


Attempts– A number of attempts that you want your streaming media to make if there occurs any interruption while it is being streamed. App Store- In the Livebox app store, you can install or uninstall the apps based upon your needs. APK builder– The APK builder is for generating different kinds of ready to use […]