Recording FLV, MP4 and HLS Sources

   Livebox facilitates the recording of FLV, MP4 and HLS sources. Livebox recording allows recording of live videos/broadcasts so that they can be watched later or utilized for the future streaming process.
The undermentioned steps help you in recording your video in the Livebox streaming server.
  • Go to Livebox and click Manage channels from the navigation menu, under which select Recording.


  • A new page with diverse recording options opens, where you can start the recording of your  FLV, MP4 or HLS sources.
  • To record FLV sources, go to FLV Recording, and click the plus icon.

flv recording

  • New option Add a New Profile appears where you can enter your profile name and file name.
  • Then click the drop-down menu  drop-down menu  near Record Mode to have any specified mode for your recording.
  • Now click Save and give Service Restart which is located at the top right corner. And your profile is saved.

recording mode

FLV recording

  • To record MP4 and HLS source, it is just enough to Turn On the recording and enter the file name and click Save.

turn on icon

  • Now go to Recorded files under which you can see your recorded video.

recorded files in livebox

recorded files

  • At the bottom right corner of your recorded video, it shows three options through which your video can be downloaded, converted to MP4 or deleted.

recording icons

  • Under Recorded Files, click Show recorded files for all channels to view your recorded video.

all recorded files

  • To stop recording FLV sources, click the drop-down menu near the Record Mode option and select OFF.
  • Then click the Update button to stop recording.

stop recording

You have successfully recorded your live streaming sources in FLV, MP4 or HLS formats.
Happy recording on Livebox!

Finding the Recorded Files

Livebox keeps all your recorded files safe. To search your recorded files,

  • Go to Manage Channels from the navigation menu, under manage channels click Recordings.  
  • In recordings, go to Recorded Files and click Show recorded files for all channels, where you can search your recorded files by typing your file name in search bar.
recorded files