Video Bridge Service Settings

How to Create Video Bridges for the Video Conferencing App? The Livebox video conferencing app has the Video Bridge settings that help in providing smooth real-time audio and visual interactions. When multiple participants are involved in the conference, at times, time delays or any transmission issue occurs. So in that case, a number of video […]

Livebox Video Conferencing Features

The Livebox video conferencing chatroom has cool features to have way for the exciting conferencing experience for its users. The features are as follows. User Icon-On clicking this, the user can set their camera/audio device, change profile settings and set language. Note:  The highlighted options will be visible only on the settings of the user […]

Livebox Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing on Livebox

How to Get Started with the Livebox Video Conferencing App? Happy Video Conferencing! Install the Video Conferencing app from the Livebox App Store and enjoy all your video calls with your peers. With this Livebox app, you don’t just stop with video calling as there are a lot of additional features like Share YouTube video […]

Create Video Conference Mobile App

How to Create a Video Conference App on Livebox? To create a video conference mobile app, Go to the Livebox App Store. Install the APK Builder app. Click the “Create an App” button under the Livebox Video Conference specification. Give a name for your app, then enter the display name and app description. Then browse […]