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Instacast Encoder Device

HD encoder device

How to Live Stream using the Instacast Encoder Device? Portable Hardware Streaming Encoder! Performing live streaming is made easy with this one simple encoder device. The Livebox Instacast encoder device streams even in low-internet connectivity. All you have to do is, fix the device to your camera and go live instantly. If not a camera, […]

Multi CDN Providers

multi cdn

How to Create CDN Providers? Deliver Smooth Streaming! Set up multiple CDN providers to stream smoothly across the world, as well as a preventive measure to handle network instability. To get the Livebox subscription, go to,  Go to Multi CDN under Settings. Create multiple CDN groups.  And here’s your video help! /wp-content/uploads/2021/09/multi-cdn-f.mp4 Related Articles

APK Builder App

apk builder app

How to Develop Mobile Apps? Create Own Streaming Apps! The Livebox APK Builder app lend the advantage to customize mobile apps for your IPTV set-up, a single page app for live streaming and video conferencing mobile apps. To get the Livebox subscription, go to,  Go to Livebox App Store and install APK Builder app.  Create […]

Cloud Playout App

cloud playout app

How to Go Live using Cloud Playout App? Automate Live Playlists on Cloud Playout! A full-blown platform to automate live playlist on any streaming destination real-quick. You can create a playlist with YouTube links, YouTube channel links, YouTube Playlist ID, and, RTMP links. To get the Livebox subscription, go to,  Go to Livebox App Store […]

User & Roles

user and roles banner

How to Create Livebox Users and Roles? Client Sub-users Create sub-users/admins to manage or access the Livebox features and apps. The roles are as follows, Client Portal Role for Restream, Website, File Upload and Video conferencing access. Apps Feature Access for Device Monitor and Autostream access. Admin Role for Livebox server access. API Role for […]

Low Latency Streaming

low latency streaming banner

How to Conduct Low Latency Streaming? Buffer Free Streaming! Latency occurs due to various reasons, like, Poor encoding efficiency Wide audience spectrum Different geographical locations Local network problems Low bandwidth Traffic load Device/server compatibility Avoid delays and achieve consistency every time you go live by conducting low latency streaming.  To get the Livebox subscription, go […]

WebRTC Live


How to Integrate Video Capturing device with Livebox for Real-time Streaming? Real-time Live Streaming made easy! Go live on the spot. Integrate your camera device with Livebox and go live across your streaming destination at a snap speed. Three steps to enter the gateway of real-time streaming: Connect your camera device to Livebox. Go to […]


load balancer

How to Set up Load Balancers? Share your Server Load! Set up load balancers to efficiently distribute your streaming content across the world! All you need to set up the load balancers are: Livebox Autoscaler Load balancer server Origin server Multiple edge servers To get the Livebox subscription, go to,  And here’s your video help! […]

Receiver Device

How to Set up Livebox Receiver Device? Best-selling Receiver Device! Live stream smooth HD videos like a cable output without being uninterrupted even at low internet connectivity with the Livebox Receiver Device. The other advantage of having the Receiver device is the device can be controlled even from distant places with the help of the […]

SRT Streaming

SRT streaming

How to Conduct SRT Streaming? Secure Reliable Transport! In the middle of an unpredictable streaming condition? SRT is the best streaming option if you are facing any network challenges. Say goodbye to jitters, packet loss and bandwidth fluctuations. To get the Livebox subscription, go to,  Go to Streaming Server settings and turn on Low Latency. […]