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Turning on Transcoding on Autoscaler

How to Enable/Disable Transcoding for Load balancers? Enabling Transcoding while creating Load balancers involves slightly different steps unlike, the usual origin and edge servers adding method. Step 1 On turning on Transcoding, a new “Preset” option appear so you can select your set of transcoding resolution. Note:  If you have enabled the “Channel Creation” setting, […]

Create Autoscaler User

How to Create Users for Autoscaler? The admin can create users to manage and control the Autoscaler. Click the “User and Role” button. Go to the “Create User” section and enter details. Then click the “Autoscaler Access” drop-down.   Select controls that you want your sub-user to have. Then click the “Save” button. And you can […]

Load balancer & Live Viewers Setup

How to Set up Load Balancer/Live Viewers Server? Load Balancer To avoid network traffic, the newest Autoscaler from Livebox helps to set up load balancers to efficiently distribute contents across a group of backend servers otherwise, known as a server farm or server pool. So after installing your load balancer server,  Click the ‘Add Origin […]