Autoscaler (Load Balancer)

How to Set-up Load Balancer Server?

To avoid network traffic, the newest Autoscaler from Livebox helps to set up load balancers to efficiently distribute contents across a group of backend servers otherwise, known as a server farm or server pool.

To begin with, you have to install the streaming server to set up the Autoscaler.

  • Click the ‘Install Server’ button. 
  • Enter the details of the server to which you want to set up the Load Balancers/Live Viewer server and save the details.
  • Now click the ‘Add Streaming and Player Servers’ button to complete the setup process.

Under Step 1

  • Enter the installed server name in ‘Streaming Server’.
  • Then allot player servers i.e., backend servers which are used to distribute contents to avoid network traffic.
  • Leave the ‘Channel Creation’ option as ON.
  • Then go on with the given default ‘Channel Details’.
  • Finally, click the plus button located right to the Player Servers.

Under Step 2

  • On clicking the add button, bulk RTMP URLs of the backend server will be autogenerated. 
  • If you want to transcode the streaming contents, then you can enable the Transcoding option. And the same goes with the Live Viewers too. 
  • Finally, save the settings. 
  • Load balancer servers will be set up and you can check the data by clicking the drop-down menu.