Broadcasting on Website/Blog

  • Create your channel in Livebox.
  • Stream a source to your channel using the RTMP URL of the same channel with the help of an encoder.
  • Preview your live streaming on your Channel Dashboard.
  • Now go to Manage channels and select your live streaming channel. Then click Embed code to copy the displayed embed code.

embed code

Note: If your site is secured i.e. HTTPs encrypted (SSL encrypted), then you have to copy the Secure Embed Code.

scure embed code

  • If your site isn’t secure or the SSL certificate validity is over,  it will be indicated Not secure on the URL tab of your server.

not secure server

  • So, if your site is not secure, then you can go on with the normal Embed code.

secure embed code

  • Now login to your broadcasting website/blog, and copy-paste the embed code of your channel on the web page of your site/blog.
  • If your website is of WordPress, then you have a few more settings to undergo. So, click here to know how to publish your live streaming contents on the WordPress websites.

embed code in web page/blog

  • Then click Update.

broadcasting in webpage/blog

You have successfully broadcasted the streaming content/source on your blog/website.

Encrypting a Website Created Within the Livebox

After creating your website from Livebox, if your site shows to be Not Secure, then follow the given below steps to secure your website.

SSL certificate

  • Go to Websites from the navigation menu and click on Global web settings.

website settings on livebox

  • A Global Web Settings page opens, under HTTP Settings select your site by clicking the drop-down menu.

website encryption

  • After selecting your site, click on the Secure this website icon.

website ssl encryption

  • A request is sent to secure your website. It might take you a few seconds.

website SSL request

  • Now go to your website in the fresh tab of your browser and you can see your site is secured.

secure website

  • Likewise, to renew the SSL certificate of your site, click on the Renew HTTPs SSL certificate for this domain and the certificate will be renewed for your website.

    renew ssl encryption

You have successfully secured your website.

Website Settings

To configure your website,

  • Go to Create a site under Websites from the navigation menu.

website settings

  • In Create a Site page, click the Settings icon.

website settings

  • A dialog box Site Settings open, and you can click on Refresh Configuration located on the top left corner if there occurs any issue in your site loading.
  • The default Username and password to login your site file browser is given. You can change your site username and password as you wish.
    Note: Make sure to make a note of your changed password. Once changed, the lost passwords cannot be retrieved.

website file browser

  • In File Browser you can upload, delete, copy, move, rename, archive, extract files and make changes to your site theme.

website file browser

  • There are four services runs in your site.
  • To start, stop or Restart your site services, you can go Service Monitor.

website servcie monitor

By following these steps, you can control, manage and perform actions on your site.