Monitoring Instacast Converter (UDP) Device from the Livebox Server

Now it’s been made possible from the Livebox server to control and monitor your Instacast Converter device activities remotely.

The Instacast Converter device converts the video streaming sources in HTTP and RTMP protocols to UDP streams for broadcast.

So, to monitor or to control your converter device from the Livebox streaming server,

  • Go to Device Monitor under System from the navigation menu.
converter device from Livebox
  • Click the drop-down menu near Select Device to select the Converter option.
udp source converter
  • And immediately you’ll be provided with your Converter device details.
  • You can use the controls provided under the Action menu.
  • You can also use the gear icon to perform the other specific actions in depth.
Livebox converter device
  • On clicking the gear icon, you can remotely access the main functions of your converter device.  
conversion of UDP sources by the Livebox converter device
  • By choosing Presets, you can even kick start your streaming video conversion process right from the Livebox server.
Livebox conversion device

To know how to convert your streaming video sources, click here.