Creating Multiple Video Conference Rooms within Livebox

New apps are always getting added into Livebox and one of the newest is the all-new corporate video conferencing system. You can now conduct training, conferences, webinars, and business meetings within the Livebox.
The following steps will provide you clear-cut representations to conduct a video conference within the Livebox live streaming server.

  • Login to your Livebox Server.
  • Go to Apps from the Navigation menu.
  • Install the Video Conferencing app.
video conferencing app
  • Open the app and go by clicking the Create button to create your first video conferencing entry.
  • A dialog box opens where you can give a name for your conference and select a Preset.
  • You can also enable Authentication for your users.
  • Then under Settings, select the features that you want to include in the video conferencing chatroom.
  • Then click the Create button. And the video conference will be created.
  • Now by turning On the button under Mode, you can activate the video conference you have created.
  • You also have the option to schedule the Start and End timings of your video conference.
  • To enter your video conferencing portal, click on the directory provided near your video conference name.
  • On your video conference page, you can click Allow to access your microphone and camera.
newest video conferencing app in Livebox
  • Within a few seconds, you can get started with your first video call using the Livebox Video Conferencing app.
  • Give your name for the video calling.
  • You are almost ready now! Go by inviting your peers by sharing the highlighted URL link.
  • You can also set a password for your conference.
create multiple video rooms in Livebox
  • There is also another way to get your video conferencing link. You can go back to your video conferencing app dashboard on Livebox and click on the highlighted icon to copy the link and send it to your fellow peers.

After your partner is connected you can go ahead with the conference. Happy Video Conferencing!

And here’s the other facets of this video conferencing app,

  • The scheduling of video conferences is possible.
  • The Livebox Administrators can get the complete history of the video conference call logs.
  • Sub-users can get access to this video conferencing app through the client portal sign up.
  • Integration of the video conferencing app with any mobile app or web app is possible with the provided REST APIs or SDKs.

How to Create Users for Video Conferences?

To create users for the conference you have created,

  • Click the user icon.
user creating option on Livebox video conferencing app
  • Then click the Add User button.
user creating option on Livebox video conferencing app
  • Now you can enter the required details to create your user.
user creating option on Livebox video conferencing app
  • To login and to use the app, even the admin has to create their own credentials.


Moderator- You can enable the Moderator option, if you don’t want the admin role to be passed on to the one who first log in the app i.e, the admin role shifts to the one who initiates/log in the conference.

Concurrent Sessions- You can also set the number of concurrent tabs that the user can open to use the app.

  • Then finally, you can set the Preset and click the Create User button.
create users in Video conferencing app
  • And the user will be created.
create users in Video conferencing app

And you can go further by creating your other users.