The Livebox TV Mobile App

  The Livebox TV is available to the user in both websites and in the mobile app.
In today’s scenario, most of the world’s population uses mobile phones, so the presence of a mobile app of your channel can make you connected with your viewers 24/7. Thus by not constraining yourself only to the website, you can also switch between a mobile app for your Livebox TV.
The Livebox mobile app is user-friendly and the following steps will help you to understand the Livebox TV better.
  • Install the Livebox mobile app.

Livebox TV mobile app icon

  • Now you are looking at the first step of your mobile app. Wait for few seconds and you will be connected to the login portal.

Mobile app

  • Through this login portal, the user can register to subscribe your TV channels.
    Note: If your user registers from their mobile to subscribe to your channel, it is enough of you to activate your user’s device in your Livebox TV Manage Device option.

Mobile app register

  • In the Livebox TV app, the user can get their mobile device ID by clicking the option provided at the top corner.
    Note: The device ID is very important for the activation of your Livebox TV service to the user device.
  • The registered user can log in to your Livebox TV by entering their Email and password stay in touch with your service 24/7.

register the device in Livebox Mobile app

  • This is how your mobile app interface looks like once the user gets logged in.
  • The user can access your different channels from the navigation menu.

Mobile app dashboard

  • In this given image, you can see a channel Cricket under the Sports category.
  • By clicking on the thumbnail image of your channel, the user can get to see your programs.

Mobile app getting started

broadcasting in mobile app

This is how your Livebox TV user views your distribution of programs. It doesn’t stop just with this, you can also,
– Produce broadcasting programs.
– Buy some broadcast syndication programming.
– Be part of the high-scale broadcasting network.
With Livebox TV You can set up your professional TV station that too in a low-budget expense.