The Client Portal Login

To access the Client Portal,
  • Go to Users& Roles from the navigation menu.
  • And click on the ClientPortal located in the top right corner. It leads to the Client Portal login page, where you can enter your login id and password.

client portal

  • In Client Portal click Add Destination to stream across several destinations.
  •  Note: The number of destinations you get to access depends on the allotment provided by your admin.

adding destination in client portal

  • A dialog box Share On opens, where you can select the destination you wanted to stream in.  By adding a destination you can re-stream all those Livebox streams to your selected destination.  
  • Note: If you want the streaming to happen automatically after your destination is being added, then select the Automatically TURN ON when adding push value option.

destination in client portal

  • Your destination is added. If you have enabled Automatically TURN ON when adding a push value option, then the live streaming for your channel will begin to happen. Otherwise, Turn on the button in your destination to start your live streaming.

re-streaming in client portal

Likewise, you can add several destinations as per your allotment and get started with your Client Portal set -up.