Webpage Live Streaming

Live streaming of webpages can be carried out on social media destinations, streaming platforms, websites, blogs or any RTMP servers by the Livebox Autostream feature. When it comes to the webpage live streaming, it is useful to live stream the subscribers/viewers count or the countdown timings before starting a live streaming event.

To live stream a webpage,

  • Go to the Livebox Autostream feature.
  • Click on the Create button.
Webpage live streaming on the Livebox streaming server
  • Then on the Playlist creating options, select Webpage streaming.
Livebox Autostream feature
  • In the Webpage URL option, enter the URL of the webpage that you want to capture and live stream on your preferred destinations.
Livebox live streaming
  • Then under the General Settings, enter Playlist name, then Streaming URL of your destination, select a preset, set buffer size and resolution, then finally click the Play button.
webpage live streaming
  • The live streaming of your webpage will begin on your streaming destination within a few seconds.
webpage live tsreaming

You have successfully kick-started the webpage live streaming on your streaming platforms.