Starting a Video Call Using Video Conferencing App

   New apps are always getting added into Livebox and one of the newest is the all-new corporate video conferencing system. You can now conduct training, conferences, webinars and business meetings within the Livebox.
The following steps will provide you clear-cut representations to conduct a video conference within the Livebox live streaming server.
  • Login to your Livebox Server.
  • Under the navigation menu, go to the Apps.
  • Select Video Conferencing from the list.

video conferencing

  • You will be directed to the video Conference page.
  • Allow access to your camera and microphone.

videoconferencing settings

  • In the shared link option bottom right, click and copy the URL to provide your partner.
  • You can also set a password for your conference.

link to start the video conferencing

After your partner is connected you can go ahead with the conference. Happy Video Conferencing!

Live Streaming the Videoconference to Livebox Channel/RTMP Servers

How to Stream the Live Video Conference to a Livebox Channel or RTMP Link?

Once Your Video conference is started,

  • Go to the more action icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Click on Start live stream from the list.

start live streaming

  • A popup window will be open for you to put the Streaming RTMP URL and Stream key of your channel or RTMP server.

video conferencing RTMP

  • Now go to your server and copy the RTMP URL from the Streaming URL option of your channel.



  • Now paste the streaming URL in the Popup box and hit on Start live stream.

video conferencing

There you go! Your live video conference should be live on your streaming RTMP server channel. From The RTMP server channel, you can embed the Video conferencing contents on your sites or push it to your social media accounts.

Sharing YouTube Videos Within the Live Conference

To share YouTube videos with your fellow members on the live conference,

  • Go to the action button and select Share a YouTube video option.
sharing youtube video on video conferencing
  • You will find a popup box open for entering the YouTube URL link.
  • Now copy YouTube URL link of any source and paste it on the box given. Then click on the Share button.
  • The YouTube video is shared among all the members on the video conference.

By following these steps you can share YouTube videos with all the members on the video conference.

Features Inside Livebox Video Conferencing

Using the Whiteboard feature within the live conference:

  •  The Livebox video conferencing system also provides the ability to share a virtual whiteboard with your peers, so that you can easily discuss matters in a brief way with other connected members.
  •  For that, you just need to go to the action option and select the open whiteboard option.

white board conferencing

  • It will help you to open a whiteboard which will be shared with each member of the video conference.

whiteboard confrencing

Sharing Screen inside your conference:

  • Livebox also allows you to share your screen or applications with other members.
  •  Once the video conference started, you can go to share a screen icon on the bottom left corner.

chatting on video conferencing

  • You get the option of sharing your entire screen or any other application window.
  • Select the screen you want to share and hit on the share button.

video conferencing on livebox

  • Your selected screen will be shared with all the members on the video conferencing.

Using the Chat option within the live conference:

  • For chat option, you just need to select the chat icon on the bottom left side and get started to chat with your fellow conferencing members.

chatting on video conferencing

Your fellow connected members can also reply to you through the live chat available within the Livebox video conferencing system.

Simple Conferencing

   The simple conference is a video conferencing tool installed form Livebox which is effective for video calls among your closest circle as well as your business circle. This simple conferencing tool is just like any other video conferencing app or software with the basic video conferencing features that require only minimal storage space. So, for all your casual talks or business discussions, you can use this simple conferencing tool and start your video calls on one go.
  • Install the Simple Conferencing app from the Livebox app store.
  • After installing the app, click Open to get started with the Simple Conferencing.simple conferencing

  • You can also open this tool on the new page of your browser.simple video conferenceing

  • Connect your webcam and microphone to the simple conferencing tool.videoconferencing app in Livebox

  • It shows the green alert Connected when the app receives network, webcam, and microphone conferencing connected

  • Now, invite your peers to the video call by clicking on the Invitation link located on the top center of the page.invite peers for the video conferencing

  • Once your webcam and microphone are connected, you can see that your webcam source displayed on the conference

  • And when you peer joins the conference through the invitation link, you can start the real-time conversation with your peer.

reciever end

So by using the Simple Conference app, you can anytime start the face-to-face conversation with your friends/business partner within a few minutes.