How to Start the Livebox Streaming Server when the Server Connection Fails to Occur?

When the Streaming Server service in the Livebox Service Monitor is in the stopped state, then the Livebox streaming server fails to get connected. And it shows an error occurred notified page when you try to enter your server domain. In that case, you can easily retrieve your streaming server connections by following the below steps.

  • The below illustration is the case when your Livebox streaming server fails to get connected.
start the livebox streaming server
  • So, now type in the URL bar of your browser as instructed. Type: yourdomainname:3021
  • After clicking the enter, you will be taken to your Livebox Service Monitor page.
  • Here you can click Start the Streaming Server if the service is in offline mode. And your streaming server connection will be restored in a fraction of second.

So by following these steps, you can start the Livebox streaming server when the server connection fails to occur. And if your streaming server connection still fails to occur after doing all these settings, please contact our IVB7 support team.