How to Stream from CCTV?

   Things become possible with Livebox efficiently in any aspect. Criminals target buildings that lack proper monitoring. In that case, the very presence of CCTV cameras is enough to deter such potential criminals.
Now, what if you could make all your CCTV Cameras live together in one space?
Yes, Livebox Provides the platform where you can take all your surveillance cameras to live to Social media and other platforms 24/7. You could monitor all the activities from any place in real time.
Let’s see how it is possible with the Livebox server.
  • First You need to login to Livebox server.
  • Go to Queues from the navigation menu.
  • Under queues, select Create Queues. A new Create Queue page opens.

  • In Create Queue page, after entering your queue name, task name, priority and attempts, go to the Pull HTTP Link / RTMP / RTSP option.
  • Enter RTMP link of the source you wanted to stream in Source.

  • Then click the Next button.

  • After clicking next, you will be taken to the destination, where you can select a destination for your live streaming to occur.
  • If you want to live stream the added RTMP link to one of your channels, then select your channel in Available channels and also Select a preset.
  • As you are adding a file, therefore select file_preset in Select a preset option.

  • And then click the Add button.

  • Your task is added to the queue. You can check your added queue in Queues.

Your Queue with tasks is added. You can select your queue by clicking the drop-down menu located at the top left corner and any time the queue can be played, paused or restarted by the control keys given at the top right corner to carry out your streaming process.