Troubleshooting the Autostream Feature

How to troubleshoot the Autostream feature when the playlist failover happens?

The Livebox Autostream tends to show a warning sign while creating a playlist because of the invalid URLs of the YouTube videos or the wrong RTMP URL while automating a playlist on the streaming destination.

3 Reasons for the Playlist Failover

  • You have entered the invalid URLs of the YouTube videos.
  • You have entered the incorrect RTMP URL of your streaming destination.
  • The video you are trying to stream is unsupported by the Autostream feature.
  • When you try to create a playlist with the private videos.

Case 1:

Note: Under any of these circumstances if you keep requesting YouTube with an invalid URL/RTMP URL or any unsupported media, the YouTube blocks your server to automate live playlist henceforth.

So, in that case, by correcting the invalid URLs followed by Restarting, the playlist can be successfully automated live on the streaming platforms.

Troubleshooting the Livebox Auotstream
  • Go to Settings of the created Playlist.
Livebox Autostream feature
  • You can click the Check Invalid URLs button.
  • It will show the invalid URLs. Now you can correct those invalid URLs.
  • After correcting the URLs, click the Start Again button.
Live playlist on Autostream
  • Then Restart the Playlist.
restart playlist
Create a playlist with YouTube videos

In the case, if you have entered the wrong RTMP URL of your streaming destination,

  • Select the Edit RTMP URL/Logo option.
  • Re-enter the correct RTMP URL of your streaming destination.
  • Then click the Start Again button.
  • Finally, Restart the Playlist.
Automate playlist on the social media destinations

Your playlist will be automated successfully at your preferred destination.

Case 2:

And while creating a playlist, if you get the below notification, it means that you have entered the URL of the video that requires sign up to get the access to view or to stream.

So, in that case, remove those links mentioned on the warning sign in the playlist settings and Restart your playlist.