How to Live Stream using the Livebox Instacast Encoder Device?

The Livebox Instacast is a portable hardware encoder device that can live stream even with the low-internet connectivity. It is just enough to have this encoder device fixed to the camera to start the live streaming from anywhere. Even in the absence of a camera, live streaming can still be carried out with the help of a USB device.

So, to live streaming using this Livebox Instacast encoder device,

  • Turn on your Livebox Instacast device.
  • Make sure that you have connected your camera/USB device to the Livebox Instacast encoder.
  • For the network connectivity, you can use it through the LAN or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Now login to the Encoder settings page from your browser.

Note: To access the Encoder settings page from your browser, you can use the IP visible on your Encoderdevice along with the port URL (:3978) provided by the IVB7 team. E.g.,

Wi-Fi settings on SD Encoder
  • In the Encoder settings, select a Preset by clicking the drop-down menu.
setting preset in Livebox encoder device
preset options in the Livebox encoder device
  • You can also create your own preset by using the given readymade preset values.
preset settings in the Livebox Encoder device
Livebox encoder device preset settings
  • After selecting the preset, you can enter the RTMP URL of your Livebox server channel, social media accounts or any RTMP servers and click the Start button.
live streaming using the Livebox encoder device
  • It shows the Live streaming status on the bottom of the Encoder settings page as well as on the Encoder device.
live streaming using SD Encoder

Now to control your live streaming from your device touchscreen,

  • Go to Social Media menu from your device touchscreen.
  • And here you can control the live streaming activity on your destination.

Well, the live streaming through this Livebox Instacast Encoder device is successful on your server channel. Now, from your server channel, you can launch your live streams on your preferred destinations.

How to Enable Wi-Fi on the Livebox Instacast Device?

Livebox Instacast is a portable and battery-operated hardware device with the in-built touchscreen facilities. The other advantage of using the Livebox Instacast device is, even in the remote areas with the least possibilities of network connectivity, you can set up this device for the live streaming just by using any available data.

So, to live stream using this Livebox Instacast without any LAN network, the foremost setting is to Turn on the Wi-Fi connection.

To turn on the Livebox Instacast Wi-Fi connection,

  • Turn on the Livebox Instacast device.
SD Encoder device from Livebox
  • On the device touch screen go to the Wi-Fi menu. 
SD Encoder device from Livebox

  • Now on your mobile device, Turn on the Wi-Fi.
  • Once you turn on the Wi-Fi, it shows the Livebox Instacast device name on your mobile Wi-Fi suggested list.
  • Select the Livebox Instacast device from your mobile Wi-Fi suggested list. And then you will be asked to provide the username and password of your Livebox Instacast hotspot.
  • So, go back to your Livebox Instacast device. On the screen of your device, turn ON the Hotspot option, and you can now get the hotspot username and password.
  • And enter the username and password in your mobile Wi-Fi settings.
  • Once the username and the password you have given is accepted, you will be provided with a gateway IP. (The hotspot function is successfully enabled)
  • Now on the browser, you can enter the gateway IP and then followed by the gateway IP, enter the port URL :3978 (e.g.,
  • You will be now redirected to the Livebox Instacast login portal on your browser. In there enter the login username and password provided by the IVB7 team.
Livebox instacast login
  • Now on the Encoder Settings, go to the Wi-Fi option.
Livebox Instacast encoder device Wi-Fi settings
  • And once your Turn on the Wi-Fi, it shows you the devices that can provide you the Wi-Fi network. Out of which you can select the device from which you want the network connectivity. (You have successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network connectivity)

Note: From here you can also switch between the Wi-Fi devices according to your feasibility. But, you have to do this Wi-Fi connecting procedure once again whenever you are switching between the Wi-Fi networks.

Enabling Wi-Fi connection on the Livebox instacast encoder device
  • And the IP of the connected device will be visible on the Livebox Instacast device.
Wi-Fi settings on Livebox SD Encoder

Note: Once the Wi-Fi is connected, you can use the Wi-Fi IP along with the port URL ( :3978) to login the Encoder settings page from henceforth.

  • (Once the Wi-Fi is enabled, you can also control the Wi-Fi settings right from your Instacast device touchscreen. )
SD Encoder device from Livebox

Now once after connecting the Wi-Fi, your Encoder device is all set to do the live streaming anytime from then on.