Creating a Channel

   Livebox enables its users to create multiple channels, adjoining with password settings. It is therefore listed below with a few steps that let yourself in creating the channel of your TV station.
  • Go to Livebox main page and click Create a channel from the navigation menu. A new page with channel creating specifications will be opened.

create a channel

  • Under create a new channel, enter name and stream name for your channel and also set a password for your channel. And then click Submit.
  • After clicking submit, it will be stated that Channel added successfully.

create a channel in livebox

  • Now give Service Restart which is located at the top right corner.

Service Restart

  • A dialog box opens and you can give OK, and it will be stated that Congratulations! The service has restarted successfully. All your new settings have been applied!. service restart in livebox
  • Your channel is now created.
  • Go to Channel Dashboard to select your channel and get started with your live streaming.

streaming channel

By following these steps you can create your channel in the Livebox streaming server.

How to Edit the Channel Logo?

In Edit a Channel, you can add or change the logo of the existing server channel.

  • So to add or to change your server logo, go to Edit a Channel under Manage Channels.

  • In Edit Channels select the channel to which you want to add or change the logo.
  • Then Turn On on the Channel Logo option.
  • A logo setting option opens, click on it to upload your channel logo image.

  • In Channel logo settings,click the Select file option to browse and add a logo from your local files.
  • Note: The logo image should be in .png or .jpeg format, and an approximate dimension of 200*100 pixels.
upload a channel logo
  • After selecting your file, click the Upload option.
upload a channel logo
  • After the logo is uploaded, position the logo and set the origin of your channel logo.
  • Then click the Update button.
add a channel logo in Livebox
  • Note: Based on the position you select, the X and Y-axis of your logo origin will appear. So, you can position the logo in the exact location you want by adjusting the X-origin and Y-origin.
x and y axis of the logo postion
edit a channel logo
  • Now go back to the Edit Channels, where click on the Save button to save the newly-made channel logo changes.
setting a channel logo in Livebox
  • Give Service Restart to get the channel logo changes applied to your server.
service restart
  • Now to check the working of the added logo, stream a video source to your channel.
  • Then go to Dashboard and preview your stream to see your logo.
logo preview

You have successfully added a logo to your live streaming channel.

How to Enable/Disable Server Channels for Live Streaming?

If you ever wanted to prevent the access to any of your streaming channel when they are not in use, instead of deleting the channel, you can also disable/enable the streaming activity of your channel with the newly developed settings in Livebox.

So, to Enable/Disable server channels,

  • Go to Channel Settings.
  • And under RTMP Settings, select the streaming channel that you want to enable/disable for Live streaming.
  • scroll down to find the Enable/Disable Channel option.
  • After Enabling or Disabling, click Save.

And now the changes will be saved to your server channel.