Livebox maintains secure privacy to its users. Though piracy can’t be eradicated, yet they can be controlled to some extent. To restrict your streams,

  • Go to Manage Channels from the navigation menu and click Channel Settings.
  • Under Channel Setting, go to Restrictions, where you can see restrictions for the domain, IP, stream, and Geo-blocking.
restriction settings

-To restrict any domain/websites, turn on Domain restrictions for the player.
-To restrict any IP/websites address, turn on IP restrictions for the player.
-To restrict your streams to only selected IP/websites, turn on Stream restrictions.
-To restrict your stream on the country basis, turn on Geo-blocking.

To restrict your streams,

  • Select the Channel to which you want to restrict its streams.
  • Turn ON the preferred restriction.
  • Enter the domain/IP address or country you want to restrict your streams.
  • After entering the domain/IP/country in the bar, click on the add icon
stream restrictions
  • You have added the IP/domain/ country to restrict your streams and now click Save.
stream restrictions in Livebox