Mixing Streams Using the Livebox Mixer

   The Livebox mixer is one of the dimensions of the Livebox streaming server. With the Livebox mixer, you can mix and match your streaming contents based upon your needs. And also, you can add effects and configurations to your streams by using the Livebox mixer.
  • Login to your Encoder-Mixer-Playout software and open the Livebox Mixer window.

Mixer software

  • Click inside the Add Source area to add your video source. Likewise, you can add two or more sources to proceed with your mixing.

Add source in mixer

  • A new dialog box Menu_Dialog_Form opens, where click the option Add File to add your local files.
  • To add your professional camera or webcam sources, click the Add Live option.
  • To add URL from any other media platforms, click the Add URL option.
  • To add your Livebox playout sources, click the Add Playlist option.

add file in mixer software

  • Now your sources are added, click the drop-down menu from the Transition option and select the required transition effect and also set time for your transition effect.   transition effects in Mixer software
    Note: Scroll down for more options like adding the scrolling text, PIP option and also alternative audio file for your source. You can also remove your source by clicking the remove option.

Picture-in=picture effect

  • You can see different transition effects for the added source in the below illustration. There are so many interesting transition effects available for your contents.

sources for mixing

  • You can view your source in the preview area. If you want to set or change your background in the preview area, click BG to have the background for your streaming project.

preview in the playout

  • After doing all these settings, you can click Save to save it to your local files. In the same way, you can click the option Load to take your saved contents from your local files (This is optional if you are doing it for your future broadcast purpose).
  • The marked arrow portion is to manually set your transition time.

transition time controller

  • Now go to the Livebox encoder and select your Video Device and Audio Device.
  • You can also go to your usual encoder to encode your source.

Livebox encoder

  • Then go to Livebox and create your channel.
  • From Livebox Channel Dashboard copy the streaming URL and paste it in the Livebox encoder URL bar.
  • To preview your stream, click the preview option.
  • And then click the Start option to stream your contents.

Livebox encoder set-up

  • After setting all your transition effects and the encoder set-up, come back to your Livebox mixer window to click the content, from where you want the transition to happen.
  • In this given illustration you can see the transition effect between two streaming contents.

    sources in mixer software
    You are now successful in mixing and streaming your contents

Playout and Video Mixer Download

   Livebox is the only live streaming server that comes with in-built Playout Software and Video Mixer which can be downloaded cost-free.
To download Playout Software, Encoder and Video Mixer,

  • Go to Account Settings and click Download.
Playput-Encoder-Mixer software
  • Download option for both Android and Studio show up.
  • If you are an Android user you can download by clicking Android App, otherwise, click Studio to download Playout, Encoder, and Video Mixer software.
  • A new page in Livebox with options to download playout and video mixer opens. You can click Download Playout and Video Mixer to get started with the other facet of Livebox.
  • Then click Generate Pin to get your unique pin code to license your authorization to playout and mixer software.

Note: The generated pin is restricted to be used by one PC. But you can always generate one to a few pins to download and use the software from different PCs.

download playout-encoder-mixer software
  • Once you click Generate Pin, the options to generate your pin appears, where you can give your pin name and then click the generate icon to get your pin.
pin name
generate pin
  • Your pin is generated.
  • You can even edit your generated pin as you wish by clicking the edit icon.
generate pin
  • After editing your pin, click the tick icon to save your changes.
generate pin
  • The red dot on the pin name suggests that the pin is not in action.
generate pin
  • The green dot on the pin name suggests that the pin is active, and also it shows the name of the hardware that uses the pin.
generate pin
  • Now go to your system downloads and complete the installation process of your playout, Encoder and mixer software. The installed file will appear on your desktop as,
in-built mixer and playout software
  • Click the Mixer and Playout file in your desktop, a new dialog box Encoder-Mixer-Playout opens.
free playout and mixer software
  • In Encoder-Mixer-Playout, you can enter your server name and give the pin generated by Livebox, and then give Submit.
get started with livebox free layout and mixer software
  • You have successfully installed the Encoder-Mixer-Playout software.
livebox playout and mixer software window

You can now get started with your Livebox Encoder-Mixer-Playout software.