How to Create a Stream Group ID?

To create a stream group ID,

  • Go to MultiCDN under Settings from the navigation menu.
MultiCDN settings in Livebox
  • In Multi CDN settings, click on the plus icon to add your Streaming CDN groups.

Note: You can create a streaming CDN group with the streaming URLs of your Livebox server channel or any other RTMP server.

CDN gorups in Livebox
  • Once after clicking the plus icon, a dialog box to add CDN opens, you can enter a streaming CDN Group ID/Name.
  • Also, give a User Name.
add CDN groups on Livebox
  • Now to fill in the CDN Server List, go to the server or the streaming channel from where you can get the streaming URLs to create a Stream ID.
CDN settings in Livebox
  • In the server channel dashboard, click on the streaming URL to copy the required URLs. (This step is applicable only in the case if you are creating the Stream group ID with the Livebox server streaming channel)
streaming URL for CDN groups
secure URL for Multi CDN
  • Copy-paste URLs according to the requirement based upon the URLs and secure URLs.  (Streaming URL, RTMP URL, HLS Play URL, Secure HLS URL, Dash Play URL, Secure Dash Play URL)
creating a service provider with Livebox
  • After filling the streaming CDN server list, enter a current CDN Streaming Server Name.
  • Then give the Receiver Device Name and ID just for identification between the multi CDN providers.
  • Then click on the Submit to create your stream group ID.
multi CDN