Resetting a Sub-user Password

To reset your sub-user password,
  • Go to System from the navigation menu and under system select User & Roles.

Livebox User

  • A User & Roles page opens. Go to Add User and click the icon resetting sub-user password to reset your sub-user password.

Livebox sub-user

edit password

  • An Add User page opens where enter your new password near Password and then give Add.

  • Your password is changed and you can view your updates in the User List.

user list

By following these steps you can reset your sub-user password.

Livebox Access

  • Go to System from the navigation menu. Under system select Users & Roles.

creating sub-user in livebox

  • In users & roles, go to Add Role and click the Create Role Now button.

add user in Livebox client portal

  • A dialog box Add role gets opened.
  • In Add Role, enter a role name for your user.
  • Then in Permission, click on the Livebox Access to give admin control to your sub-user.
  • Select services under Livebox Permission.
  • Then click on the Save

admin access in Livebox

  • The role of the Livebox access is created. Now go to Add User and create a user for the Livebox access role.

adding sub-user in Livebox

  • Mention the user name.
  • Give a user password.
  • Select a role by clicking the drop-down menu.
  • Then click on the Add

livebox admin

client portal access

By following these steps the user to the Livebox access can be created.

The Client Portal Login

To access the Client Portal,
  • Go to Users& Roles from the navigation menu.
  • And click on the ClientPortal located in the top right corner. It leads to the Client Portal login page, where you can enter your login id and password.

client portal

  • In Client Portal click Add Destination to stream across several destinations.
  •  Note: The number of destinations you get to access depends on the allotment provided by your admin.

adding destination in client portal

  • A dialog box Share On opens, where you can select the destination you wanted to stream in.  By adding a destination you can re-stream all those Livebox streams to your selected destination.  
  • Note: If you want the streaming to happen automatically after your destination is being added, then select the Automatically TURN ON when adding push value option.

destination in client portal

  • Your destination is added. If you have enabled Automatically TURN ON when adding a push value option, then the live streaming for your channel will begin to happen. Otherwise, Turn on the button in your destination to start your live streaming.

re-streaming in client portal

Likewise, you can add several destinations as per your allotment and get started with your Client Portal set -up.

Re-streaming on Facebook Using the Livebox Client Portal

  The sub-user created by the Livebox admin can access the Client Portal and re-stream the live videos running on the Livebox server channel to their desired destinations. The destination could be anywhere, like Facebook, Periscope, YouTube, Twitch, RTMP servers, and other streaming platforms. So, to start re-streaming the Livebox server channel content on Facebook, the sub-user have to log in the Client Portal with the credentials provided by the admin.
    • Enter your username and password and then give Login.

      client portal login

    • When your Client Portal opens, click Add Destination to select any social media platform to conduct the re-streaming.

      adding facebook destination on client portal

    • A dialog box with many destinations opens, under which select Facebook.

      go live facebook

Note: If you want to start your streaming process instantly after adding your destination then enable the Automatically Turn On when adding push value option.
  • After you click on the Facebook option, a dialog box opens and you can click Push live stream to Facebook.

    push live stream to facebook

  • Once you select Push live stream to Facebook, a pop-up notification on the top left of your browser appears, in which you can give Always allow and click Done.

    facebook re-streaming

  • Client Portal is now connected to your Facebook and it opens your Facebook login page. So, log in to your Facebook.

    facebook login

  • Select where you want to post your live video and give Next.

    facebook re-streaming using livebox streaming server

  • Once you click the Next button, a Connect your Live stream to the Live API Facebook page opens, you can minimize the window to see your Facebook destination being added in the push destination.
    Note:If you haven’t enabled the Automatically Turn On when adding push value option, then Turn on the button on your destination when you really wanted to re-stream to your Facebook destination.

    facebook re-streaming on client portal

  • Then go to Facebook, where it starts to fetch your Livebox contents for streaming.

    facebook live video fetch

  • Your contents are now fetched, so you can give nice description and title to your stream and also decide the audience to share your live stream with.
  • Then click Go Live which is located in the bottom right corner. You have done your Facebook re-stream successfully.

    facebook live streaming using push destination

  • You can check your re-stream on your Facebook timeline.

    facebook stream preview

You have successfully re-streamed on Facebook from the Livebox Client Portal.

Users and Roles Permission for the Video Conferencing App

The video conferencing app is one of the full-fledged applications in Livebox for efficient video calling purposes. It is now possible for the Livebox users to lend this video conferencing app to their customers through the provided Users & Roles feature.

To give permission for your users to use this video conferencing app,

  • Go to Users & Roles under System from the navigation menu.
Livebox streaming server
  • On the Users & Roles page, click the Start button to initiate the service.
The best streaming server
  • Once the service is started, under Custom User, you have to create a role for the app user.
client portal permission in Livebox
  • Now under Custom User, go to Add Role.
  • And under Add Role, click Create Role.
client portal access in Livebox
  • A dialog box Add Role opens, enter a role name for your user, and then assign permission for the user can use the video conferencing app.

Giving permission to the user can be done in three ways:

  • Client Portal Access– When giving this permission the user can use the app through the Client Portal access.
  • Livebox Access– This access can be given to the Livebox server sub-admins, where the sub-admin can have the permission to use the video conferencing app from the Livebox App Store.
  • API Access– With this access, the user can have permission to integrate the provided Rest APIs or SDKs with any mobile app or web app.
Livebox sub-users



  • Under the Client Portal Access permission, select the Video Conferencing option.
permsiison to access the client portal in Livebox
  • Once you select the video conferencing option under Client Portal Access, a few more options appear where you can select any of them based on your preference.
  1. Dedicated Conference– If you select this option, then the user can create video conferencing rooms within the limits you allocate.
  2. Shared– This option gives permission to make use of the video conferencing rooms created by the master admin. The user cannot create their own video conferencing rooms.
  3. Unshared– This one works the same as the Shared option but the only difference is, the user can make use only the available video conferencing rooms i.e, the video conferencing rooms not used by any other sub-users.
  • After selecting these options also enable the below-given settings.
  • Finally, click the Save button.

A role is created. Now you can move on to the user creating process.

clientportalaccess settings


  • Under Livebox Access, select the Video Conferencing option.
  • Then click the Save button.

A role for your sub-admin is created. Now you can move on to the user creating process.

Livebox client portal access


  • Under API Access, select the video conferencing option and select all the API permissions that you want enable to your user.
  • Then click the Save button.

A role for API access is created. Now you can move on to the user creating process.

API access in Livebox


Now to add a user to the role you have created,

  • Go to the Add User menu.
  • Click the Create User button.
Livebox client portal access
  • A dialog box Add User opens, where you can give your user details and click the Create button.
Livebox streaming server

The video conferencing app user will be added successfully.