Getting Started!

   The wait is over! Within two clicks you can get started with your Livebox Streaming Server and witness the world’s user-friendly streaming server. The first and foremost thing you got to do after being an official owner of Livebox server is, take a look at the mail sent by our IVB7 team, and pick up on the credentials provided for your initial log in. And you can start streaming your live events and take them across the world without any difficulty by using just one Livebox.

Note: You can always change your server password for your security in the future, which we recommend too.

Happy Live Streaming with Livebox!

  • This is how the mail looks. The mail provides you a link to your interface along with your log in details. Click on the link so to enter your access page.

mail from IVB7 team

  • You are on the first step of your Livebox streaming. To start your streaming journey, log in to your Dashboard.

livebox login page

  • This is the second step of your Livebox streaming server. Enter the given Username and password from your mail to log in.

Livebox login

  • Finally! You are on your Livebox Dashboard. Explore and experience your Livebox server.

Livebox dashboard

Dashboard– the place where you get most of your server’s information and easy access to other major settings of your server from the navigation menu. Some of them are:
  • Under Manage Channels, you can record, transcode and also MBR (Multi-Bitrate) streaming.
  • In System, you can test the speed of your server and create Sub-User.
  • To change your password and for other privacy settings, you can go to Security.
  • Channels– it is one of the important things that your server holds. Whatever the content you might stream but you always need a channel to take through your live streams to several media platforms. So, create your channel in Livebox to stay connected with the World. We have also provided you with a default channel for your ease. All you have to do get the RTMP URL of your channel, connect your encoder and GO LIVE.
  • System overview– you can get information about your server’s performance, all at one place without much wanderings.

    To learn other info and overviews, and to explore Livebox, go to “About Livebox” from our Knowledgebase site.

You are almost ready!
Congratulations! To you and your professional start out.

Transcoding Using vMix

Adaptive bitrate streaming (Transcoding) is available only in the higher-end versions of Livebox.

To start off transcoding with vMix encoder,
  • Keep your streaming channels ready i.e., output channel and input channel.
  • Then go to Manage Channels from the navigation menu. Under manage channels, click Transcoding.


  • A Transcoding page opens up and you can select your Input channel by clicking the drop-down menu given in the Select a Channel option.


  • In Output Channels, select the channel where the video has to be transcoded (output channel). Then give Turn On near transcoding.

output channel for transcoding process

  • Once you give the turn on, new options for transcoding shows up, where you can set the Preset. And then click Save.
    Note: Livebox will generate both Transcode Output URL and Transcode Embed Code.

transcoding using Livebox

  • After clicking save, give Service Restart to get your changes applied.

  • Now go to vMix and click Add Input from the bottom left corner.

adding input in vMix

  • A dialog box Input Select opens, where you can click Browse to add your source to vMix.

browse file for streaming in vMix

  • After selecting your source, click OK. And your source is added.

add file for streaming in vMix

  • Now go to the Livebox Channel Dashboard under Manage Channels from the navigation menu and click Streaming URL to copy the streaming RTMP URL of your Input channel.

Livebox dashboard

Streaming URLs

  • Then go to vMix and click Stream. A new dialog box Streaming Settings opens, where you can enter the copied streaming URL in the URL tab and enter the Stream name or Key. And then give Start.

RTMP URL settings

  • After giving a start, go to the vMix main page and click the icon to play your source.

start streaming in vMix

  • Now go to the Livebox Dashboard where you can check the transcoding quality of your output channel near the bottom right corner.

video resolution for transcoding

  • To check RTMP stats of your streaming channel go to the Viewers Report. 

viewers report

  • In RTMP stats it shows audio and video bitrate of both output and input channels.

RTMP stats for transcoding

  • And when you embed the output channel streams on your website, you can copy the Transcode Embed URL to publish the live stream on your website.

Note:  Through the Transcode Embed URL, you can publish the streaming content along with the transcode video quality.


You are successful in your Transcoding streaming by using vMix!
Happy to help!

How to Start the Livebox Server when the Server Connection Fails to Occur?

There are times the Livebox server might fail to get connected while trying to login through the browser. And one of the few reasons for the server connection failure is, the service Livebox Server in the Service Monitor might be in the stopped state. In that case, you can easily retrieve your server connections by following the below steps.

  • The below illustration is the case when your Livebox server fails to get connected.
start the livebox server in service monitor
  • So, now type in the URL bar of your browser as instructed. Type: yourdomainname:3021
  • After clicking the enter, you will be taken to your Livebox Service Monitor page.
  • Here you can click Start the Livebox Server if the service is in offline mode. And your connection will be restored in a fraction of second.

So by following these steps, you can start the Livebox server when the server connection fails to occur. And if your server connection still fails to occur after doing all these settings, please contact our IVB7 support team.

How to Troubleshoot when the Mixing/Playout Device does not Appear within the Software Encoder?

While using the Livebox Encoder-come-Mixer and Playout software, when there happens failure to detect the streaming playout device in the encoder video/audio device settings, it is because of the software windows are opened the inappropriate way.

You can easily solve the issue by following the below steps,

  • Close all the opened windows from the Livebox Encoder-cum-mixer and playout software.
  • Open the fresh Mixer/Player window.
  • After adding your source using the Playout device or mixing the sources through the Mixer device, you can go to the Livebox encoder to continue your encoder settings and start the successful live streaming.

Note: While live streaming using the Livebox software, you have to first go to the Playout/Mixer window. And after adding the streaming source, click Play on the Playout (in the case of Mixer it is just enough to add the sources and mix them), only then the device will be detected in the Livebox encoder Video/Audio device settings.                                                         

livebox playout and mixer software window

With these steps, you can easily troubleshoot the Encoder-cum-mixer and playout software issue.