APK Builder

The Livebox streaming server has integrated APK Builder for its users to build the Livebox IPTV app from the provided configurations.
To install the APK Builder,

  • Go to Apps from the navigation menu.

apps menu in Livebox

  • In the Apps Store page, install APK Builder.

install an app in the Livebox app store

  • A notification Are you sure want to install? popup, and you can click OK.

install an app in app store

  • The APK Builder starts to get downloaded.

download an app in livebox app store

  • Once the APK Builder is finished downloading, the installation process starts.

installation of app in the app store

  • Now the APK Builder is installed to the server.

installing app

  • You can get started with your installed app by clicking on the Open option.

livebox app store apps

  • If you click on Open, an App Creation Form opens, where you have the option to create a mobile app for your Livebox TV and then the Single Page App for your 24/7 live streaming.
  • Click the Create an App button under the given options based upon your needs and fill the app creation form to get started with your mobile app.

Livebox APK Builder

By following these steps, you can develop the IPTV app with the installed APK Builder.