Player Size Customization

How to stretch the size of the video running on the Livebox player?

There will be a case where the streaming video will not fit on the Livebox player, in that case, you can increase the video height to the edges of the player by using the Stretch option in the  Livebox player settings.

player stretch

So, to stretch the streaming video size,

  • Go to the Channel Settings.
channel settings
  • In the Channel Settings, go to the Player Settings.
player settings
  • Select your streaming channel for which you want to increase the video size.
streaming channel
  • Then scroll down to find and Turn on the Stretch option.
stretch option in Livebox
  • And then click on the Update button on the right side.
to increase streaming video height
  • Now go to the Livebox dashboard and check the increased video size on the player.
player video size stretch

The size of the streaming video running on the player can be stretched only to some extent based on the original width and height of the video source.