Picture-in-picture Mode (PIP)

    The picture-in-picture is similar to multi-window mode, where you can pin several small source window on the same screen and broadcast it on your channel. To enable this feature,
  • Go to the Livebox Mixer window.

Mixer software

  • Click the option Add Group.

adding group in mixer software

  • A notification Mixer group added appears, and you can click OK.

mixer group is added

  • Click inside the Add Source area to add your video source. Likewise, you can add two or more sources to proceed with your PIP feature.

Add source in mixer

  • A new dialog box Menu_Dialog_Form opens, where click the option Add File to add your local files.
  • To add your professional camera or webcam sources, click the Add Live option.
  • To add URL from any other media platforms, click the Add URL option.
  • To add your Livebox playout sources, click the Add Playlist option.

add file in mixer software

  • Your sources are added. Scroll down under each source control panel to turn on the PIP option.

picture-in-picture mode enabled

picture-in-picture mode enabled in mixer software

  • Now click on the term Foreground and once you click on the foreground, the Mixer button is enabled. Then click the Mixer option.

    Note: If the click is done properly then the option Foreground is highlighted in blue.

Picture-in-picture mode

  • After clicking the mixer option, you can see your added source in the Preview area.

Picture-in-picture mode preview

  • You can drag to position your sources or even re-size.

previewing picture-picture sources

  • Under the foreground option, you can see the number of listed sources. You can tick or untick to have your source in the preview area.

picture-in-picture mode sources

  • Likewise, you can add several groups and switch between those groups. To switch your groups, click the drop-down menu under Active PIP group.

Picture-in-picture feature in Livebox

  • Now you can go to Livebox encoder or any encoder of your preference to stream it to your channel.
  • Set your Audio Device and Video Device as Streaming Mixer.
  • Copy-paste your channel streaming URL in the URL bar.
  • And click the option Start to start your broadcast.

Livebox encoder set-up

You have successfully enabled the Picture-in-picture feature.  Now you can stream the sources with enabled PIP effects on your streaming platforms/social media destinations.