Livebox Converter

With the Livebox Converter, you can convert video sources from one format to another format. In the case of when you want to convert UDP sources into a streamable format or RTMP sources to UDP format, you can convert it with the help of the Livebox Converter.

To convert your RTMP sources into UDP formats,

  • Turn ON your Livebox Converter device.
  • Connect Internet access through Wi-Fi or LAN.
Wi-Fi and LAN connection in Livebox converter
  • Now add a video source to your server channel and enter the RTMP link of that server channel under Source.
  • And under Destination enter the UDP port link to where you want to take the video source from your RTMP server.

Note: In the same way if you want to convert a UDP video source into a streamable format, then you can enter your UDP port from where you are taking the source under the Source option and your RTMP destination under the Destination option.

Livebox UDP converter
  • Then by using the Select Option, you can select any preset.
  • If you are converting the RTMP source to UDP format, then you can select the udp_mpegts option.
  • And if you want to convert the UDP sources into streamable (RTMP) format, then you can select the Udp_to_Rtmp option.
Livebox Converter settings
  • You also have the options to edit the values of the selected preset under Settings.
  • You can also restore the original values of the preset by using the Reset button.
Livebox HD converter
  • Finally, click on the Start to convert your video source.
start converting videos in Livebox converter

Convert your video sources from one format to the other and take one more step ahead in your streaming journey with the Converter device offered by Livebox.