Live Streaming Using Wirecast

   Livebox being a streaming server by itself, easily supports any other encoders or streaming servers. Wirecast is such streaming production tool which is supported by Livebox and offers smooth streaming workflow to Livebox users. Follow the below instructions to start the streaming.
  • Go to Livebox and create your channel.
  • Now go to the Wirecast main window, and click the icon add source icon to add your source.

adding source in wirecast

  • Many options to add your source appears.
  • To capture and add your USB webcam source, you can click the option Video Capture and to stream live your local files, click the Add Media File option and select your local files.

browsing files in wirecast

  • Your source is added. As you wanted to live stream click the icon wirecast icon to push your source to Live Broadcast Area.

push live stream in wirecast

  • After pushing your source to live broadcast area, click Output located at the top left side.

preview on wirecast

  • Under output’s pulled-down menu, click Output Settings.

start broadcasting in wirecast

  • A Select an Output Destination dialog box opens, where choose your destination as RTMP Server and click OK, and a new output setting tab opens.

destination settings in wirecast

  • Now go to Manage Channels from Livebox navigation menu and copy the streaming RTMP URL.
  • Then paste the RTMP Streaming URL in the Address box and enter the stream key in Stream bar and give OK.

RTMP URL settings in wirecast

  • Now click the stream icon from the top left side to start streaming.

start button in wirecast

  • To check your live stream go to Livebox Channel Dashboard and click play to preview your live stream.

wirecast preview

You are successful in live streaming using Wirecast.